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It may be the smallest country in Central America, but it is not certainly the poorest. El Salvador ranks among the top Latin American countries in terms of economic development due to its rapid development. The country has an agricultural history due to its arable land growing cash crops such as coffee. It was particularly famous for this product, once becoming known as the 'Coffee Republic' between the 1870s to the 1920s. Another crop the country was well known for is the añil, which yielded the prized blue dye during its colonial period. The colour was also used in the flag, commemorating the colour's significance to El Salvador.

El Salvador shares a colonial past with its neighbours, with Spain conquering it in 1524. The country was liberated only in 1821 due to resistance and insurrection that formed in the early years of the 19th century. The country then formed organisational ties with other Central American countries. These efforts to form a group dissolved later on as each of them formed their own autonomous and independent governments.

Where to go

When in El Salvador, tasting their coffee must not be missed. Go on a café cultural tour and visit Ahuachapán and Santa Ana. These cities will let travellers learn about their cultural heritage as well as the process of growing and manufacturing coffee. Cups of gourmet concoctions will follow after a tour, where connoisseurs can compare the beans they like to the taste of El Salvadoran café. Although a bit acidic, the coffee from this Central American country balances well with its natural sweetness. Well-known varieties include Bourbon and Pacamara.

When travellers say they have seen all the amazing churches, it might be that they have not been to El Salvador yet. Iglesia el Rosario is worth a detour due to its rare non-colonial design with an interior made from coloured glass. This can make an astounding sight especially when the eyes turns to the soaring arched roof with scrap metal figures.

From there, one can turn to other sights such as an ecotour in Parque Nacional el Imposible. Those with a taste for adventure will like this place as this tropical mountain forest has a dangerous gorge that has been the unfortunate end of unwitting farmers and pack mules transporting coffee. One can also go on a boating trip through the rivers coursing through the forest to see the remaining endangered ecosystem from pumas and wild boars to king hawks and black-crested eagles.

When one is thinking of touring Central America, another country to visit is Belize. Its blend of laidback Caribbean culture with the untamed Central American countryside makes it an interesting place to visit. Some of the ancient ruins of the Mayan civilisation can be found here, which harks back to one of the most fascinating and mysterious times in world history. White-sand beaches also abound on the Atlantic while snorkelers swimming down will see an underwater wonderland. The Belize Barrier Reef is the second longest in the world, allowing tourists to view over a hundred types of corals which more than 500 fish species call home.

When one has the freedom and resources to travel across the world, an African trip is necessary. There is South Africa to explore with its variety of natural sights, rich culture, and wildlife. Those hankering for a safari adventure can visit Kruger National Park and see various wild species from a safe distance. One will also be surprised to hear that South Africa also produces wine in Boland. The mountain ranges sustain a cool climate that enables grapes to grow and produce fine wine.

How to get out

Travellers going to El Salvador can book connecting flights to El Salvador International Airport. Airlines serving here are: Aeroméxico Connect, American Airlines, Avianca, Copa Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Iberia, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, and Veca Airlines.

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