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Car rentals in Hong Kong

Car Hire in Hong Kong

This information is correct as of June 2015

Hong Kong’s destinations include Victoria Peak, Ngong Ping 360, Hong Kong Disneyland, Po Lin Monastery, and Hong Kong Museum of Art, to name a few. When getting around Hong Kong, the city can be explored via the car rental providers that operate from within the city.

Where to hire a car in Hong Kong

Hong Kong car rental companies that operate from within the city are Avis Car Rental, Hong Kong Car rentals service, Speedy Service Car Rental Company, London Taxi-Bridal Car Rental, Empire Car Rental Company, Angela car Hire, Hertz Hong Kong, DCH Motor Leasing, among others. Contact these providers at +852 2882 2927 for Avis; +852 6941 5580 for Hong Kong Car rentals service; +852 8343 7257 for Speedy; +852 2782 7818 for London Taxi-Bridal Car Rental; +852 3525 1899 for Empire Car Rental; +852 3151 7769 for Angela car Hire; +852 2525 1313 for Hertz; and +852 2768 2277 for DCH Motor Leasing.

What to expect when hiring a car from Hong Kong

Renting a car in Hong Kong is not a popular option due to the city’s population density, complex road network, and expensive parking spaces. But when needed, the option to hire a car is available and can be done easily through the car rental companies that operate within the city. Car prices start from HK$700 or SG$121.37 per day for a small car. Also, driving in Hong Kong please be reminded that traffic rules and signs function similarly with the United Kingdom, traffic goes on the left-hand side, with most of the vehicles rented out offered in manual gears. Rush hour is typically at around late morning and late evening, with traffic especially bad around the Cross Harbour Tunnel area.

Additionally, Hong Kong also has trams that are operated by Hong Kong Tramway. The narrow double-decker city trams are sometimes referred to as “ding ding” in Cantonese. These go along the northern coast of island and is a known cheap transportation option that can be slightly slower and bumpier in comparison to other transportation options; trams are also not air conditioned; fare is at approximately HK$2.30 or SG$0.40. Tram schedule goes from 6:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.

Getting to your destination

Some of the destinations that should be visited when within Hong Kong include Ma On Shan, Tai Mo Shan, and Kowloon. Provided below are simplified driving directions to get you to your destinations fast. Please be advised that these instructions are best used as quick references that work together with detailed maps and a great navigation system.

Ma On Shan
Ma On Shan is a saddle-shaped peak towards eastern Tolo Harbour of Hong Kong New Territories. Ma On Shan is among the highest mountains in Hong Kong and is home a good number of wildlife species within its relatively undisturbed natural environment. Drive down Fleming Rd and Hung Hing Rd to get to Route 4 after 1.4 kilometres or four minutes. Next, get on Route 4 and Route 2 to get to New Territories by exiting via exit 7 from Tate’s Cairn Hwy/Route 2, this will take 22.2 kilometres or 20 minutes. Reach the destination after continuing down Ma On Shan Rd for an additional 4.6 kilometres or six minutes more. The total distance between the origin and destination is around 28.1 kilometres, with a total travel time of 33 minutes.

Tai Mo Shan
Known as the highest peak in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan has Tai Mo Shan Country Park, and has the highest waterfall in all of Hong Kong, Long Falls, at 35-metres high. Go down Gloucester Rd/Route 4 for 550 metres then continue down Route 4. By Route 3, you’re on your way to Tsing Tsuen Rd in New Territories, just take exit 11A from Tsuen Wan Rd/Route 5 after 15.3 kilometres or 14 minutes. Lastly, get to Tai Mo Shan Rd by taking Rte Twisk to the destination. Total distance to be travelled is around 26.1 kilometres or 35 minutes.

Kowloon offers destinations like Kowloon Park, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Kowloon Walled City, and Hong Kong Space Museum, in addition to many more. Kowloon is an urban area in Hong Kong that can be divided into the Kowloon Peninsula and New Kowloon. Via Gloucester Rd/Route 4 from Fleming Rd, take Route 1 to reach Pui Ching Rd in Kowloon then exit through exit 8 from Route 1. From Pui Ching Rd, get to Kowloon after travelling a total distance of 6.2 kilometres in 18 minutes.

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