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Kazakhstan is a country that does not typically come to mind when planning a holiday with friends or family. However, the country is fast becoming a popular destination especially among avid world travellers thanks to its unique culture and beautiful landscape. Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country and considered to be the night biggest country in the world. It is the gateway to Central Asia. While most of the country still remains to be undiscovered and undisturbed by tourists, there is definitely many places to visit and sights to see when planning a trip to Kazakhstan.


Things to do and see in Kazakhstan


Ascension Cathedral– A Russian Orthodox church also known as Zenkov Cathedral, the Ascension Cathedral is located in Almaty. It is the second tallest wooden building in the world making it a top tourist destination for visitors of the city. It is known for its colourful façade and beautiful interiors. Many tourists visit the cathedral to take a pretty photo in front of this vibrantly distinctive structure.


Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre– Khan Shatyr or “Royal Marquee” is a unique structure located in the capital city of Astana. Khan Shatyr is an enormous transparent tent that stands 152 metres tall and covers an area of 140,000 square metres – almost the size of 10 football stadiums. It is a complex consisting a squares amid cobblestone streets including a mini golf range, boating river and indoor beach resort.


Central State Museum of Kazakhstan– This museum is the largest in the city of Almaty as well as one of Central Asia’s largest museums. It is home to an exquisite collection of Kazakh’s historical, archaeological and cultural artefacts.


Beyterek– Standing 105 metres, the Beyterek is located in Astana. It was built to commemorate the folk tale about a mythical poplar tree of life and a magical bird of happiness called the Samruk. The story goes that Samruk had laid its egg in a crevice between the two branches of this tree of life. Its uniqueness and history makes it one of the more popular tourist destinations for both locals and international travellers. Head up to the observation deck to have a panoramic view of the city of Astana.


Best Time to Visit Kazakhstan


When planning on when to visit, weather is always a consideration. In Kazakhstan, you won’t have this problem as the country’s weather is predictable. It is cold in winter, hot in summer. However, as with any large country, there are differences depending on which region you visit. The cities of Astana and along the prairies in the heartlands, weather can get extreme. While in the region of Altai can get wetter as it sees more rainfall than average during the summer. Generally, the best time to visit would have to be during the spring and fall seasons usually in April and October.


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