Cheap Flights to Comoros

The Union of the Comoros, or simply Comoros, is a sovereign island nation in the Indian Ocean by the northern end of the Mozambique Channel. It is an enchanting island group – the perfect hideaway for those who enjoy their trips in remote and non-modern areas; peaceful, quiet, and serene. Sometimes called 'paradise', it lives up to every traveller's description and expectation of heaven on earth. Palm trees, bananas, and clear waters complete the vista, with the scent of the tropical ilang-ilang and cloves filling the air. Coupled with stripped and simple bungalows for accommodation, with some coconut juice on hand, visitors of the island will surely crave for more.

Surrounded with bodies of water, the island of Comoros provides tourists with choices of water activities to enjoy aside from swimming and sun-bathing. Kayak, jet-skis, and boat trips around the islets surrounding the main port are on top of the list, followed by diving or snorkelling, and of course, underwater photography. Some of the notable places to do water activities are the Moheli Marine Park, the Saziley National Park, and the Mayotte Lagoon – a hidden body of water protected by land masses on its sides, like a secluded pool.

If tired of the seashore and is up for some trekking and hiking action, travellers may visit the Mount Ntingui with local guides. The trails in this mountain can be treacherous, but once on the summit, a clear view of the whole island can be seen. Hidden waterfalls and lagoons may also be visited in the mountain. But be careful of wild animals and stick with the guides and listen to instructions to avoid untoward incidents.

Tourists may also visit the Musee National des Comoros to revisit the history of the island. Lines and lines of exhibits from the country's Afro-Indian tradition can be found here, along with artefacts and fossils of flora and fauna.

To cap your trip, visit the Arab Quarter in the Place de Badjanani to check on the authentic Arab tradition of the island. Narrow streets lined with buildings dating back in Swahili times can be seen in the area, described and reminiscent of the Zanzibar's Stone Town. Visitors may also buy trinkets in the area, but must be vigilant when walking around because as the streets get narrower and crowded, the pickpockets come in.

How to get around within Comoros

The main mode of transportation in Comoros is through cars. Comoros has 880km of roads, 673 of which are paved. Car rentals may be accomplished by contacting your travel agents before the trip and reserving one for your stay. Meanwhile, the railway network was discontinued, but there are three ports for sea travellers, namely Fomboni, Moronim, and Moutsamondou, perfect for cruising and island hopping.

How to get there

To get to the Comoros country, there are four airports in the island that provide flights into and out of Comoros, namely, Ouani Airport in Anjouan, Moheli Bandar Es Eslam Airport in Moheli, and Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport in Moroni. Cheap flights can be booked through Skyscanner. Skyscanner is an online source of the cheapest flights with over 600 airlines to choose from.  

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