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Can I book directly through Skyscanner?

For most of you, the experience you have with us was something like this: You would go to Skyscanner to search for your flights. You’ll find the itinerary you want. Then you would be redirected to our partners’ site and book there.

This redirection is a pretty common user experience but we also know we can improve it. With that in mind, we created this mini guide about that pink book button you might have noticed. Read on to find out more.

What’s in this guide:

What is direct booking at Skyscanner?

Direct booking is a hassle-free, seamless booking experience via the blue button. This allows you more peace of mind when booking with an airline or an online travel agent.

Think of it as a more streamlined version of your booking experience. No more pop-ups asking if you’d like to add this or that. We show you less, so you can gain so much more.

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What are the benefits of direct booking?

More options. For one, airlines and online travel agents such as will be able to offer their inventory directly to you. That means, you are able to choose additional services such as seats, meals and add extra baggage, depending on which partner you go for.

Seamless booking. Aside from not having to be redirected to another page, you’ll also be able to breeze through the passenger detail forms. Just make sure you are logged into your Skyscanner account, and the forms will be pre-filled with your information. This is perfect when you’re booking on-the-go.

Extra traveller information. You’ll also have access to everything important to you as a traveller – from information on the airplane model to seat choice, wifi access, and more. Because sometimes, it’s in the details that matter.

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Do I need to log-in to Skyscanner to experience direct booking?

No, you don’t. However, logging into your Skyscanner account offers a few added benefits. You’ll be able to have your booking auto-filled from your convenience. This is taken from your previous booking, if you logged in and completed a direct booking through us.

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Am I booking with Skyscanner through direct booking?

In a way, yes and no. Yes, because you’re still within the Skyscanner ecosystem and we help facilitate that booking for you. However, the airlines and the online travel agents are still the ones collecting your payment. You’ll still receive any confirmation emails, e-ticket and vouchers from them directly.

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Is it safe to book online with Skyscanner?

Absolutely. Your safety is important to us. We ensure that all our partners integrated within our platform meet Skyscanner’s security standards. These include all applicable laws, regulations or standards in respect of the storage, transmission and/or processing of payment and card data. For more information on this, please see our Partner Terms.

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How can I experience direct booking on Skyscanner?

Direct booking is currently live for our following partners on select routes.

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Scoot
  • Cathay Pacific

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Still got more questions about booking through Skyscanner?

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Ready to give that blue direct booking button a try?