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How to use Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ Search to find cheap flights

It’s that time of year again; you need to clear your annual leave, or you're repeatedly overcome with pangs of wanderlust seeing the year pass so quickly. But where to go? Where to travel to next? Is it affordable? Skyscanner makes planning your next globetrotting adventure easy with our 'Everywhere' search tool! Use it to find the cheapest flights to almost any destination, all departing from our very own Changi airport. It’s really simple too, just follow the simple steps below and before you know it, you’ll be jet-setting to your next adventure.

How to use Skyscanner’s Search ‘Everywhere’ tool?

Step 1: Select your departure point

Select the ‘From’ search field and enter “Changi Airport” as your point of departure. If you’re not leaving from Singapore, you can type in the name of your closest airport, city, or even country name, like “Sydney” or “Australia” for example. 

Step 2: Type ‘Everywhere’ into the ‘To’ box

If you click in a blank ‘To’ box, the first drop-down option should say ‘Flexible?’ Otherwise, in the ‘To’ box start typing “Everywhere” and you’ll see the ‘Flexible?’ option appear. Click on this to select it, then start your search by clicking the green Search flights button below. Skyscanner’s search engine will begin scouring the World Wide Web for the best deals and destinations leaving from your departure point. 

Step 3: Enter your dates & the number of passengers

Skyscanner’s search also has a few nifty features that allow you to customise your search according to your availability to give you the best results. For Specific dates, enter them into the ‘Depart’ and ‘Return’ fields using the drop-down calendar. If you have a bit more flexibility, try the Whole month feature, which enables you to compare flight prices by different days in a single month. And if you have the luxury to follow wherever the wind will take you, then use the popular Cheapest month feature. This is best used if you have a coveted destination in mind and a flexible travel schedule.

After you’re done, hit the Search flights button below. 

Step 4: Pick the cheapest flights to everywhere and anywhere

Once you’ve started your search, Skyscanner will comb the web and give you a list of travel destinations grouped by country and sorted with the cheapest country first. Select the country that you want to go to, and you’ll see more options of cities and prices within that country. Once more, select the city that you’re interested in, and a list of flights that fly there will appear, similarly sorted from the lowest airfare to the highest. 

There are plenty of other search filters you can use to customise your search and find your perfect flight. Fancy a red-eye flight to save on accommodation and maximise sightseeing time? Then make sure to set your preferred flight times for departure and your return. Other search filters you can use include searching by direct/stop-over flights, flights by duration, and even by airline carrier.

With these four simple steps, finding where to travel to next and planning your next trip is only a search away! Book cheap flights, hotels and car rental via Skyscanner today, or download our free mobile app for easy browsing and booking on the go.

Have an ideal travel itinerary in mind but can’t find it right now? Then try our Price Alerts feature too. You can subscribe at any time, and you will receive a notification email whenever there are changes in ticket prices. This comes in handy for knowing when is the best time to book so you get only the cheapest flights! Find out more about How to get the best flight deals with Skyscanner Price Alerts here.

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Published in 23 May 2016 and updated in May 2017. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.

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