Cheap Flights to Central African Republic

Many countries charm with their cosmopolitan way of life. Others offer fascinating nature trips in simple surroundings that makes one go back to the basics. The second description fits Central African Republic, a country known for its rich natural beauty and wildlife. The country, however, is one of the poorest and least developed in the world.

Conflict also reigns in Central African Republic this 2014, due to unresolved colonial and post-colonial issues. The republic is fairly new, as it has just achieved in independence from the French in the 1960s. The country has also been run by despotic leaders until the 1990s when democratic organisations called for a liberal change in government. A coup led by General Francois Bozize in 2003, however, put everything into chaos once again. This has ignited a civil war in 2004, which further led to more violence. In 2012, a fight broke out between the government and two religious groups, namely the Christians and Muslims.

A tour of Central African Republic is full of dangerous risks at this time. People going here will need heavy security for their own safety, due to sporadic bouts of fighting between the government and other warring groups. Plans to visit various places in the country require extensive planning for every potential mishap. Only then can one visit various areas in the country and participate in humanitarian aid efforts.

Once war has stopped and the travel ban is lifted, there are many landmarks in Central African Republic to visit. First is the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de l’Immaculée Conception with its simple yet elegant architectural style that makes it fit in with the forest background. Made of red bricks whose colour is starting to fade over time, the colour of the church doesn't stand out starkly against the green leafy trees.

Central African Republic is a country rich in natural resources. There are a variety of nature tours travellers can choose from. One option to take is a visit to Monovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park. A UNESCO World Heritage Park due to its wealth of flora and fauna, tourists can see black rhinoceroses, elephants, leopards, buffalo, and other species. Waterfowl can also be found on the floodplains in the northern part of the park.

For tourists who want to see gorillas, a guided tour to the Dzanga-Sangha can be arranged. This area is also well known as the habitat of various other species, making it important to travel with an experienced guide. For those looking for a dramatic, marvellous sight, the Les Chutes de Boali makes a great landmark. Tourists, however, will need to wait for the rainy season. This is the time when the waters accumulate and tumble down a height of 164 feet, which is a bit more than one can visualise when in front of the Niagara.

How to get around within Central African Republic

Travellers will find it difficult to move around the country due to underdeveloped road infrastructures. The public transport system – minibuses and trucks – is also regularly overcrowded. They, however, make it easier to go from Bangui to all the major towns. Some roads are blocked, however, especially during the rainy season.

How to get there

Tourists going to Central African Republic will most likely land on Bangui M'Poko International Airport. Airlines going to this port of entry are Air France and various African flight carriers such as ASKY Airlines, Karinou Airlines, TAAG Angola Airlines, and Westair Benin. 

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