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Many people assume that the 'Centre' region in France refers to its central part. Many geographical purists, however, point out that Centre region is actually the heart of Northern France. The region is surrounded by Ile-de-France on the north, Bourgogne on the east, Limousin on the south, and Pays-de-la-Loire on the west with other districts in between.

The lacklustre name of the region, however, belies its importance to the French economy. La Beauce, which lies in the northern part, is one of the two largest breadbaskets of the country. This plateau stretch for miles where wheat grows and supply the granaries. The southern part of Centre, particularly Berry, also has a farming tradition due to the fertile lands here. The Loire Valley, on the other hand, was once a particular favourite of the French monarchy and the ducal lords. These days, it has become a hub for various industries from pharmaceutical companies to cosmetics.

Although an important economic region, Centre is also known for a wide range of attractions to enjoy. Enthusiasts of architecture will have fun just viewing the beautiful structures such as the Chateau de Chambord. Built on the order of Francis I, this palace was the pride of the king who liked to show it off to the visiting ambassadors and members of foreign monarchies. The palace was so grand from inside and out that it was officially recognised in 1981 by the UNESCO World Heritage as a part of the historic Loire valley, an area illustrating an important part in European history.

Another must-visit destination is Bourges, a fascinating historical city represented by its Cathedral. Tourists will see a breath taking Gothic facade that only serves as a wonderful prelude to the artistically created Biblical scenes that can be viewed inside. The southern part of the interior is dedicated to St. Ursinus and St. Stephen with the central portal depicting the Last Judgment. Another example of Gothic structure is the Chartres Cathedral, another UNESCO World Heritage site. It's famous across the country for its stained glass and grandiose interiors.

Castles and cathedrals are not the only landmarks to be seen in Centre. Travellers can just traverse the banks of the Loire River to come across picturesque small towns. From there, one can visit the vineyards of Tours where one can go on a tour of different wineries and taste a bottle or two of fine vintage.

Centre also features one of the most significant infrastructures in the whole country. Near Chatillon-sur-Loire is the Briare aqueduct, which once held the world record as the longest steel canal in the world. Designed as collaboration between different master engineers, the aqueduct continues to contain more than 13,000 tonnes of water going from the Canal Lateral a la Loire over to the Loire river. Tourists will be charmed to see the canal with its stone pavements and elegant lamp posts which frame a great view of the river.

How to get around within Centre

France offers various ways to get around the Centre region. Tourists can take the bus for short-distance travel in and out of city limits while trains make a speedy and convenient way to jump across regions. Driving around is also possible, but it's not recommended for those staying for a short while only. Taxis also go around regularly, making it easier to move, especially when hurrying for an appointment. Some districts allow cycling, especially for those touring the countryside.

How to get to Centre

Travellers going to the Centre region of France will have to book connecting flights from Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris to any of the four domestic airports serving the region – Loire Airport, Marcel Dassault Airport, Bourges Airport, or Saint-Denis-de-l'Hotel Airport.

Charles de Gaulle Airport welcomes flights from all the major continents such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Some of the airlines plying the route to France are: Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air Canada, Air Mediterranee, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, EgyptAir, Europe Airpost, Japan Airlines, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Oman Air, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, and Vueling. 

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