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Aquitaine is the third largest region in mainland France. It is a vast territory – as big as Switzerland - divided albeit informally into three provinces, namely the Gironde (Bordeaux region) or the wine country, the Dordogne, and the Gascony (Landes, Basque Country, and Pyrenees). Named after the Roman province of Aquitania, Aquitaine became a Visigothic Kingdom in the fifth century, before succumbing to the Franks between 507 and 531. The southwest corner, near the Basque Country, became known as Gascony (a name itself related to Vascon, another term for Basque), and corresponds more closely to the boundaries of the modern region of Aquitaine. Today, the region stands as a primary tourist destination in the South-Western region of France, boasting of its natural wonders and rich history.

Aquitaine has its fair share of architecture and natural wonders as it is filled with beautiful museums and chateaux, as well as lakes, rivers, fields, and mountains. It is a tasteful mix of God-given and man-made, an interesting union of God's gifts to man and man's ability to create and steward the God-given talents and treasures.

Bayonne – The capital of the Basque Country, Bayonne is one of the more attractive towns in southwest France. A perfectly preserved old town with shoals of riverside restaurants, the city is famous for its culinary prowess especially in making the best chocolates sold all throughout France. It is also home to the best prime cured ham, and is famous for the creation of the bayonet in 1640 at the Blacksmiths' street. Aside from the above-mentioned, one can also find the beautifully Gothic Cathedrale Ste-Marie, established in 1451.

Bordeaux – Known as the largest urban World Heritage Site as acknowledged by UNESCO, this 'La Belle au Bois Dormant' or Sleeping Beauty, has finally awakened in the recent years, spreading its beauty to its constituents and inviting its visitors to its attractiveness that is beyond compare. The now suburban Bordeaux was roused by its mayor and former Prime Minister Alain Juppe, developing the pedestrian systems, installing and implementing high-tech public transport services, and of course, restoring its neoclassical architecture to be presented as its top-calibre tourist destination. Annually, the city receives 2.5 million tourists.

Pyrenees – The said town is quite a different take on France as it presents the 'wilder' side of the country. Its peaks spike the skyline along the 430km Franco-Spanish border, while preserving the Parc National des Pyrenees with its valleys, tarns, and mountain pastures. Although deeply traditional, the Pyrenees's landscapes provide a haven for skiers, climbers, hikers, and bikers, being a destination filled with lush greens. It also has exploration trails perfect for first-time trekkers or hikers, along with mountain villages to discover and hilltop castles to admire.

Biarritz – A luxurious seaside town made popular by Napoleon III, Biarritz was a favourite resort of wealthy families before the Cote d'Azur took over. Today, the Bay of Biscay Biarritz still provide the best waves and still attracts surfers to its shores.

How to get around within Aquitaine

Aquitaine, like many other mainland French regions, enjoys developed roads and public transportation options. Trains, buses, and even shuttle services run around the region. Walking is another option, as this provides tourists with the best views of the vistas in the region, as well as close encounters with the locals. Driving is a breeze, and travellers will not have a hard time going around.

How to get to Aquitaine

Aquitaine has 54 active airports in tow, but the main airport servicing the region is the Bordeaux Airport. Travellers especially those coming from the other regions in France and in most of the key cities in Europe may opt to fly down directly, while travellers outside Europe may schedule flights to Paris via the Charles de Gaulle Airport then ride a connection to the one of the many airports in Aquitaine. Cheap flights can be booked using Skyscanner. Skyscanner is a reliable resource of the cheapest flights offered by 600 airlines across the globe.  

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