Cheap Flights to French Guiana

French Guiana is an overseas French department and region on the north Atlantic coast of South America, specifically in the Amazonia region. It borders the North Atlantic Ocean, in the middle of Brazil and Suriname. Its capital is Cayenne, home to half of French Guiana’s entire population. It is also the largest overseas region of France in terms of land area. It is governed as an overseas province of France and a member of the European Union, which enjoys the similar rights and privileges granted to all other French departments, including financial benefits, therefore making it one of the wealthiest pockets in South America. The country is a fascinating blend of tropics and colonial architecture, diverse flora and fauna, with an interesting prison-camp history.

A nice way to learn a lot about the country’s history is by visiting Camp de la Transportation, an eerie prison, the largest in French Guiana. What’s interesting about it is that you’ll see where the convicts stayed, lived, and died – tiny, dingy cells with leg shackles, the dorm-style toilets, and even the public execution areas. Another prison camp in the country is Le Camp de la Relegation, located 17km from Saint Laurent. Some might consider these places and tours as morbid, but history’s not exactly all joys in any country. Meanwhile, there’s also Cayenne’s main market, the Central Market, where you can buy goods of different kinds, with some coming from exotic places. Some of the other top places you can visit in the country are the Kaw River and Hmong Market at Cacao. Fleuve de Maroni is home to Amerindian and Maroon cultures. Explore the rainforests of Trésor & Kaw Nature Reserves. Visit the Musee Departemental, the friendly villagers of Sinnamary, and historic gardens of Fort Ceperou; go on a rocket liftoff from Kourou, La Carapa, le Bagne de Saint-Laurent, Les Iles du Salut/the Salvation Islands, or Papillon's prison; see sea turtles laying eggs on the beach at Remire-Montjoly; and visit the commune of Awala-Yalimapo and watch the annual Kalina games.

How to get around within French Guiana

There is limited public transportation available throughout the territory. There are a number of minibuses that service between major towns for a fixed fare. Most parts, specifically 3,400km of the country’s waterways are only navigable by native boats/pirogues, 460km of which by small oceangoing vessels, as well as coastal and river steamers.

How to get there

If you wish to visit French Guiana via air transit, you’ll go through its sole airport, Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport, which is located in the capital. Air France offers flights from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Paris, and Miami; Air Careibes offers flights from Paris; and Surinam Airways offers flights from Paramaribo. From the airport, you can get on a bus to the centre of Cayenne by contacting the information desk to make the arrangements. It is also possible to drive to Cayenne from Brazil by taking the private barge across the Oiapoque River. You can also take a ferry from Suriname and Brazil to cross the rivers of Maroni and Oyapoque. You can also take the bus from the Brazil and Suriname borders all the way to Cayenne. 

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