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French Guiana is an overseas department and region of France, found in the north Atlantic coast of South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the East and South, Suriname to the west, and the Atlantic to the North. The region has a very low population density – almost three inhabitants per square kilometre – with half of its population occupying the capital, Cayenne. It is by far the largest overseas region of France, a member of the European Union, and is once a part of The Guianas before it was split to five territories representing the five conquerors of the islands. Although sometimes, the term “The Guianas” refer to the regions of Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname, who are under the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and France.

A large part of the territory's economy derives from the presence of the Guiana Space Centre, now the European Space Agency's primary launch site near the equator.

Tourism wise, French Guiana mainly focuses on its ecotourism stint, promoting its beautiful natural resources to travellers who come to South America. Although unemployment is still high at 22%, the expansion of tourism facilities has provided its locals with job opportunities particularly in the service sector.

Where to go

Cayenne – A multi-faceted city filled with some tang of the Caribbean, exoticism of South America, and flavours of Europe, Cayenne is a myriad of cultures surrounded by the blues of the sea. Within the city centre, pastel colours paint the town pretty, while the markets are vibrant with excellent choices of products, especially of seafood. Dig deeper and learn of the locals' ways and means, and taste the delectable dishes all freshly and beautifully prepared.

St. Laurent du Maroni – Serving as a correctional 60 years ago, St. Laurent stands today as an intriguing place with some of the country's finest colonial architecture. Albeit the ghost stories of prisoner hauntings and echoes of anguished voices during the darker days can still be seen, heard, and felt every now and then, a day trip here can provide some much needed information on the territory's past.

Belem – Lines and lines of mango trees shade the travellers as they walk in the streets and the parks of this surprisingly beautiful city in Brazil. Usually overlooked due to the superpowers Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and Sao Paulo, Belem is worth the visit especially if looking for a non-mainstream escape to Brazil. A number of fascinating monuments and museums can be visited here and there, while the sloping central park is quiet during the week and bustling on the weekends. Taste the local street food, and watch free live cultural performances.

Guadeloupe – Yet another Franco-Caribbean cultural archipelago, Guadeloupe is an island refuge to those looking for some rest and relaxation. Visit the various international, creole, and seafood restaurants around the island, and visit the Fort Napoleon and the Cathedrale de St. Pierre et St. Paul.

Paris - An internationally acclaimed city centre rooted in its wonderful culture, breath-taking spots, and of course, the tastefully prepared food choices, Paris is a tourism favourite. Saying that it is world-renowned is technically an understatement when describing the city; and it is definitely advised that a day or two won't even suffice when spending time on the place. There's just so much to see and savour, that some tourists opt for longer trips just to take the city in. Visit the iconic Eiffel Tower and Louvre, sample the cuisine, and bask in the Parisian way of living.

How to get out

To get out of French Guiana, the main international airport is the Cayenne-Felix Eboue Airport. The airport is connected to France via the Paris-Orly Airport, as well as with Suriname and Guadeloupe. Cheap flights can be booked using Skyscanner. Skyscanner is an online resource of the cheapest flights from over 600 airlines worldwide.

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