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Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa, located on the either side of Gambia River. The country has a total population of 1,882,450 as of 2013, whose main source of livelihood are farming, fishing, and tourism. The country's capital is Banjul, while Serekunda and Brikama are its biggest cities. The country’s population consist of a variety of ethnic groups including the Mandinka ethnicity, the Fula, Wolof, and Jola, among other ethnic groups. Each group preserves its own language and traditions. Gambia has no established state religion, though 90% of the country's population practise Islam, while the remaining percentage practises Christianity and other indigenous beliefs.  

What to see & do

A trip to Gambia will not be complete without visiting Kotu Beach. It is one of the best ranked attractions in Gambia for its peaceful surroundings and friendly people. The beach has a designated area where meals and drinks are served.  A tour of the River Gambia National Park is a must when visiting Gambia. Tourists can sail up the river and see animals up close, and even go fishing. There is also a craft market near the river where tourists can stop by to get items. Cabins surrounding the river offer a great panoramic view of the river, so make sure to stop over this attraction.  If you're after a day of adventure and thrills, the Katchikally Crocodile Pool should be on your list of places to visit. It's a place where close interaction with crocodiles can be experienced, and unique souvenirs such as tooth necklaces can be bought. There are guides that tell entertaining stories while you explore the place, and you will find a small museum attached to the attraction as well.

How to get around within Gambia

Once you're in Gambia, you will find that there are plenty of means to get around the country. Tourists can opt to rent a car, specifically a 4x4 to ease the travel on rocky parts of the road. There are two types of taxis in Gambia. The green ones are for tourists while the yellow ones are intended for locals. Green taxis charge more regardless of the number of passengers, while the regular cabs (yellow) are much cheaper, but are mostly exclusive for locals. Bikes can also be rented to travel around the city, though it is important to take caution when cycling on major roads as some pavements are not properly

maintained, and may cause accidents. The country can also be explored by riding a boat that travels along the Gambia River.

How to get there

Getting into Gambia is possible via air travel through Banjul International Airport. Airlines such as Arik Air and Senegal Airlines fly from destinations such as Accra, Lagos, and Dakar to the main airport of Gambia's capital city, Banjul. There are also direct flights from cities such as Manchester, Amsterdam, and Brussels through Monarch Airlines and Transavia. You can also get in by car by crossing the border town of Amdalli or via bush taxis that travel from Dakar to Banjul. You can also ride small fishing vessels from the neighbouring areas of Dakar to get to Gambia.

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