Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

Kathmandu Car Rental Information

###Car Hire at Kathmandu This information is correct as of July 2015.

###Where to hire a car in Kathmandu There are several car rental companies located in Kathmandu in Nepal. Apart from major car rental companies such as Sixt that is located in the airport, many local car rental companies can be found within the city. These include Car Rental Kathmandu, Smile Car Rental, Auto Car Rental Nepal, Car Rental Nepal, Blue Mountain Car Rental Service, and others. These car rental companies rent out various forms and types of cars, which may include sedans, and family vehicles, or even luxury vehicles, limousines, and mini-trucks/vans. The car rental companies can be found at the heart of the city, near the area of Lazimpat, Swayambhu, and Chhetrapati.

Those who would want to rent a car in Kathmandu should prepare all necessary documents, including valid identification cards, driver's licence, and international driving permits. You should also bring them while driving around, so that if stopped by local authorities you’d have proof that you are legally driving around.

Upon approval and payment of the car rental service, take note to check out the local insurance policies on renting vehicles, ask about petrol arrangements, and know about rules and regulations in the area. You are also expected to check the vehicle from top-down, to identify if the vehicle is in tip-top shape.

###What to expect when hiring a car from Kathmandu Kathmandu’s driving scene can be daunting especially for first timers, since the area generally lacks street names and signs (except for major roads such as the Tri Devi and the Ring Road). Address numbers are also rare to see here, and directions are given relative to the nearest intersection and square, often with a market, or a noteworthy location such as a temple or a restaurant. This is quite unreliable, so make sure to have a map or a reliable GPS system on the vehicle that you’ve rented. In most cases, drivers simply use map apps; however this can be a problem if you do not have a local Internet connection.

Meanwhile, traffic situation in Kathmandu reaches heavy levels during peak hours (between 8:00 in the morning and 10:00 in the morning, and 4:00 in the afternoon until early evening), although it wanes during off-peak times. Be careful with motorcycles, and pack a lot of patience when travelling within the busier and high tourism areas.

###Getting to your destination Patan
A suburb of Kathmandu called previously as Lalitpur or “City of Beauty”, Patan is home to the finest collection of temples and palaces in the whole of Nepal.

From Kathmandu, take Tanka Prasad Ghumti Sadak to Putalisadak, and then drive from Kupondole Road and Pulchowk Road to Patan. Continue on to Lagankhel Road, and then drive towards Patan.

The third of the medieval areas in the Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur is a breath-taking and atmospheric suburb that is home to some of the finest religious architecture in the entire country, earning it the name Khwopa, which means City of Devotees.

Bhaktapur can be reached by driving through the Madan Bhandari Road towards the Araniko Highway all the way to the town proper.

The site of Asia’s largest stupa, Bodnath lives for the thousands of pilgrims who gather daily to make a kora of the dome, beneath the watchful eyes of the Buddha.

The temple can be reached via the Boudhadwar Marg, from the area of Baburam Acharya Marg and Bhubaneshwori Marg.

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