Shanghai Car Rental Information

Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

###Car Rental at Shanghai This information is correct as of July 2015.

###Where to rent a car in Shanghai There are a few car rental companies surrounding the central Shanghai business district, and travellers will not have a hard time finding one. These car rental companies include Shundao Car Rental, Shnaghai Yunchi Car Renting Co., Ltd., Shenzhou Zuche Siping Road Shop, Shanghai Jiejie Car Renting CO., Shanghai Tuoniao Car Renting, and many others. Most car rental companies are local companies, which also offer rental cars with drivers included in the service. Some of the car rental companies have offices in the airport as well.

Those who would want to push through with renting cars in the area should prepare their identification documents, driver's licence, and international driving permits to present to the car rental agencies upon request. Fares should also be prepared, which will depend on the arrangements set between the car rental company and the customer renting the vehicle. It is best to book and rent cars in advance, so that they may be delivered to you upon your arrival at the major ports in Shanghai.

###What to expect when renting a car from Shanghai Driving is pretty much not suggested in Shanghai, China for a variety of reasons – even for those who have been driving for long here. A very complex system of roads, perpetual traffic jams, on-going road construction sites, and local driving habits are some of them – along with low number of parking spaces. However, driving around the city is still possible, and car rentals are still recommended as an ideal way to explore the area, especially when getting to places where public transportation is infrequent. When renting a car in Shanghai, prepare to get a temporary Chinese Driver’s Licence, especially if you are driving for the first time in the city.

Furthermore, when renting a vehicle, it is also best to rent a driver with it. Chances are that these local drivers have more knowledge on the local roads and shortcuts in the area, and that they have a feel of how locals behave while driving. It is also more convenient for foreign visitors – especially for those who want to have a relaxing vacation.

###Getting to your destination Pudong
A district of Shanghai located east of the Huangpu River across from the historic city centre of Shanghai in Puxi, Pudong is one of the greater urban centres in the area. Shopping, open markets and great food awaits here.

Pudong can be reached by driving from central Shanghai and driving towards Renimin Avenue, and continuing towards the Pudong New Area. From here, drive to the Pudong district. The journey should take 20 minutes, including traffic stops.

Chongming County
Chongming County is the country seat and largest town in Chongming in China; a perfect eco-tourism destination for travellers who are looking for an escape away from the noise of the city.

Chongming can be reached by driving through the North-South Elevated Road towards the G40. Take the Chenhai exit road from G40/Hushan, and then continue on to the S128 all the way to central Chongming. Expect to pay tolls.

Minhang District
A suburban district of Shanghai, Minhang is known for the Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena, and the many local residential areas that depict local and modern Chinese culture.

To reach Minhang, head on to the North-South Elevated Road towards the National Road 320HUmin/G320 in the Minhang District. Take exit from the Inner Ring Elevated Road on the North-South Elevated Road through the G320 all the way to your destination.

National Car

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