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Although no longer the capital of Myanmar, Yangon remains Myanmar's largest and most commercially important city, with a population of 5 million. Since 2010, the city has undergone rapid development and real estate prices have skyrocketed, as both local and foreign investors scramble to grab a foothold here. However shantytowns still remain around ... Read more
the city. The downtown is a bustling core of market streets and motorbike traffic. Travelers will enjoy eating street foods like mohinga, the national dish, and chatting with the supremely friendly local residents. The Shwedagon Pagoda is the top sight in town, attracting both tourists and pilgrims from around the world. For the best places to stay in town, look no further than The Strand and Traders Hotel Yangon.

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  • Rangoon Tea House
    9.69 reviews
    Coffee and Tea
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  • Kipling's
    10.02 reviews
    Asian/Pacific, Fusion
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • 999 Shan Noodle Shop
    10.06 reviews
    Breakfast & Brunch, Burmese
    Popular withFoodiesBackpackers
  • Lucky Seven
    8.76 reviews
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San Francisco
Community Manager

The gateway to Burma/Myanmar, Yangon is one of the most fascinating cities in Asia. Please be mindful of the news and the human rights issues facing the country before going, but keep in mind that the people will most likely be lovely once you get there. Spend a few days exploring and don't miss Shwedagon Pagoda! I felt very safe as a woman traveling here.

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New York City

Yangon still has such a rich "old world" Asian feel.The Burmese people are very warm. Love the markets in the city, and of course the amazing Swedgon Paya one of the most sacred sites to Buddhists . . . 325 feet high adorned with thousands of diamonds and other gems, it is a one of a kind temple.


At the beginning I didn't know if I was in Bangladesh or Myanmar. Yangon is crazy place, but if you come with an open mind soon you will find it's charm.

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Though it's easily the best-connected place in Myanmar, dusty, disordered Yangon still feels pretty far out of the way. With the exception of the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda, it's without any particularly memorable sights, but the interesting back streets and tasty teahouse culture (have a fish mohinga and some diabetes-inducing sweet Burmese tea) make it a place worth a night of your time, if nothing more.

Recommended for:Art & Design Lovers

I actually liked Yangon a lot more than I thought I would. I usually try to avoid spending a lot of time in the biggest city of a country just because sometimes they have a sort-of blah international lack-of-culture. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of interesting local culture in Yangon, really friendly people, excellent food, and fantastic markets. On the downside, Yangon is painful noisy and traffic-filled.

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Palo Alto

Myanmar (Burma) is one of my all-time favourite places to visit. It feels like you’ve entered a time warp straight into the ‘innocence’ of the 1950s. It’s filled with history, ancient monuments and a photographer’s dream destination.

What struck me about Burma was the people. It was so easy to chat with them. I made friends with a blanket seller on the boat and she invited me back to her house. When I was watching the sunset in Pagan, a little girl came over and gave me a butterfly brooch as a present.

Here are the main places to visit for first time visitors of Myanmar

Swhedagon Pagoda - The beautiful golden stupa dominates the city. This is not to be missed. Spend a morning or afternoon here, just taking in the atmosphere.
Bogyoke Aung San Market - Pick up beautiful tribal weaves (they make great cushion covers) monks slippers, puppets.

Much of the old city of Mandalay was burnt down. Visit the temple on Mandalay hill. Take a boat trip from here to Pagan. There are boats geared for tourists but I took the local ferry and made friends with the Burmese passengers. A great way to travel.

A plain covered with two thousand stupas and pagodas. Rent a bicycle and hop from stupa to stupa. Take your time here. The sunsets are magnificent. Spend at least 2 days here. The Burmese form of Bhuddism has evolved to include the worship of nat spirits (in short, the worship of lost souls) Look out for Nat Pwes (Nat Festivals). There are lots of kids hanging around the stupas. I always bring a whole stash of pencils / colouring pens for the kids as presents.

Inle Lake
Stay on the lake. When I was there, you can stay cheaply on a simple floating accommodation on the lake. These days, there are quite a few luxury options. Locals row the boats with their legs. Visit the jumping cat monastery. Sit and chat with the monk while you watch their pet cats jump

Get to know the locals:
You will feel out of place wearing pants here. Everyone wears a longyi and you should try wearing one too! The kids and ladies rub tanaka ( a yellow powder made of ground bark) on their faces as a natural sunblock. The patterns they make on their faces with the tanaka can be really beautiful. One advice before you go there: read up about it, especially the history. Norman Lewis wrote a very good book on Burma: Golden Earth - Travels in Burma. Mingalaba! (Hello and Goodbye in Burmese)

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Today is my first day here. Besides from Slow Internet speed and the hot weather. So far so good. By the way, they only allow cars driving on the road. :)


Incredible. Definitely one of the highlights of Myanmar. Zigzag through the bustling streets and you'll forget what century it is. As of now, it's totally unspoiled by tourism, and the people are kind and honest. Don't miss the Schwedagon temple!


Putting the pagodas aside, Yangon is chaotic, tacky and drabby but five years from today, I believe the city will change tremendeously and look different.

Foster City

Must see in Rangoon (Burma)..
- Shwedagon Pagoda (the largest Pagoda/temple in the world)