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  • Sunset Strip
    8.452 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Shopping, Neighbourhood
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  • Melrose Avenue
    9.428 reviews
    Popular withHipstersArtsy
  • Skybar
    8.727 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Bar, Hotel Bar, Lounge
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  • Soho House West Hollywood
    9.322 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife
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West Hollywood


Summer brings crowds to Los Angeles, booking up hotels along the coast and restaurants in the city. From September to May the area is less crowded, and the air less smoggy, though you may encounter the hot, dry ... Read more
Santa Ana winds. Headed to the beach? Don't go in June when the 'June Gloom' makes the beaches cold and foggy for most of the morning. The coast is always a bit cooler than inland (head to Santa Monica and not Hollywood if you want a breeze). Whatever time of year you go, however, you can leave your down coat at home.

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West Hollywood

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San Francisco

West Hollywood LA is not only party central, foodie central, but also shopping central.

Recommended for:FoodiesNightlife LoversHipsters
Local from Los Angeles

This is the place to take people when they come out of town. There is so much to see whether its day or night. There are multiple museums. The nightlife here is so much fun. Parking can be a hassle but there are plenty of lots just be careful because they close at 2am.

Recommended for:FoodiesBackpackersAdventure Travellers
Local from Los Angeles

Pricey place to live and dine, watch those street parking time limit, I got a ticket from here and wasn't too happy. It was confusing the sign. This is basically a Bevery Hill for the young and hispter. Just remind you there's a lot of gays live and goes here, so if your are conservative and religion this not a place for you.


Whether you're gay or straight, this is a good-looking and stylish neighborhood with amazing interior design / furniture and art galleries; lots of clubs, bars and restaurants.

Recommended for:FoodiesNightlife LoversArt & Design Lovers
Local from Los Angeles

Fun place for those who are and love the gays. Long drag of food and bars to keep you entertained all day and night!

Recommended for:Nightlife LoversHipsters
Local from Alhambra

Boy it's hot in here! Here in West Hollywood that is. Plenty of hot guys and ladies at the gay bars. Makes me a bit insecure that I don't have huge pecs or biceps lol. Plenty of restaurants to choose from. Only problem parking is a real pain in the ass.

Recommended for:FoodiesArt & Design Lovers

who doesn't love. we ho ! where the trendstter roam and the lovely bars of Wonder is held! i love the masssive amount of culture ! one word Halloween!

Local from Los Angeles

hard to park but Great place to party and drink. the vibe is cool and the people are crazy. come during the weekends and hit up the bars and clubs for an awesome time. enjoy the scenic views of the places around and the rainbow of colors of people in the area.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsNightlife LoversHipsters
Puerto Vallarta

Gay friendly, great place to go out on the weekends in LA, there are so many clubs and bars to choose from!

Recommended for:Nightlife LoversHipsters

So much to do in a small area -- you are in the heart of L.A. and yet you can stumble upon tree lined streets with fabulous buildings to fantasize living in one day. Great shopping along Melrose and Sunset and lots of really fun Gay clubs which celebrate like it's the 4th of July every day.