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Try answering this quiz next time you're in the United States: Who is a real American? Is it the Apache artist in New Mexico? Perhaps a Hawaiian surfer on Oahu's North Shore? How about an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania, a member of the 'Daughters of the American Revolution' in Connecticut, a Laotian-born shrimper on the Gulf Coast, or a Haitian ... Read more
immigrant in Oregon who just received her US citizenship? Find out for yourself when you visit one of the most fascinating cultures history has ever seen. From the taxi-honking, skyscraper-shaded streets of New York City to the groovy hot tubs-and-redwoods coast of Northern California, the USA defies any one stereotype. Fly into its cities, drive up its coasts or take a train across its vast interior, and search for whatever it is that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with it. While in the US, be sure to grab a burger at 2am, roast s'mores over a campfire at one of the country's 400 national parks, or catch some of the best of American-born music -- from Dixieland jazz in New Orleans to hip hop in Chicago to country music in Nashville.

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  • Golden Gate Bridge
    9.31167 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Bridge, Popular
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamilies
  • San Diego Zoo
    9.51039 reviews
    Outdoors, Zoo or Aquarium
    Popular withFamiliesOutdoorsy
  • Disneyland
    9.5951 reviews
    Entertainment, Theme Park, Popular
    Popular withFamiliesAdventure
  • Central Park
    9.5897 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Sports, Zoo or Aquarium, Park
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamilies


United States

Top United States restaurants

  • LuLu's Gulf Shores
    9.1276 reviews
    Seafood, Burgers, Family Style
    Popular withFamiliesFoodies
  • The Hangout
    9.0265 reviews
    American, Seafood
    Popular withFamiliesNightlife
  • McGuire's Irish Pub
    9.4249 reviews
    Irish, Pubs, Bar, Brewery
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • Cafe Du Monde
    9.2413 reviews
    Coffee and Tea, Cafe
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
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The U.S. is considered a "generally safe place to visit" and "important thing to remember about traveling in the U.S. is that things can change drastically from state to state and city to city." Cities like San Francisco and Portland can seem totally ... Read more
safe, but you shouldn't "let your guard down as you continue your travels around the country."

Trip by Skyscanner surveyed its Solo Female Traveller Tribe to compile woman-to-woman safety tips for this destination. While no one destination is ever completely safe or unsafe, our hope is that this information will allow users to make their own decisions with better information.


The United States is a diverse country, and LGBTQ travelers should 'select which state you visit carefully.' with some travelers recommending to 'avoid the south generally.' Even in big cities, be aware that 'neighborhoods change very fast in the ... Read more
USA' and you may encounter 'intolerant people'.

Trip by Skyscanner surveyed its LGBTQ Tribe to compile safety tips for this destination. While no one destination is ever completely safe or unsafe, our hope is that this information will allow users to make their own decisions with better information.

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  • 9.8
    History Buffs
  • 8.3
    Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • 8.2
    Nightlife Lovers
  • 8.2
    Green Travellers
  • 6.7
    Adventure Travellers

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A beautiful and intresting jungle in united states! Go and see the united states jungles in winter to see how beautiful they are.

Recommended for:FoodiesGreen TravellersStudentsAdventure Travellers
San Luis Obispo

With 50 states, there is so much to see! The east coast will be different from the west coast. The southeast will be different from the northeast and the people of Maine will be very different from the people of Texas. It's hard to stereotype the United States if you only visit one part of the country. I recommend visiting Washington DC one year and then going to San Diego, California the next to see a difference.

Recommended for:History BuffsAdventure Travellers

United States is a country that has rich cultural diversity of history. With many fascinating stories to tell.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFoodiesHistory Buffs
Puerto Vallarta

I've spent most of my life here and though there have been ups and downs America is a beautiful place full of beautiful people. As for traveling here there is still so much more that I have to explore, the country is so massive there is always more to see! The US has always been a popular choice for backpackers both native and foreign and now with the US dollar lower in value compared to Euro, Aussie and Canadian currency it's a great time to trek the US. For all the finger pointing at America for being wasteful consumerists Americans are coming up with some of the most innovative eco-friendly solutions. The US has an incredibly diverse and fascinating history!

Recommended for:Green TravellersHistory BuffsNightlife LoversOutdoor Enthusiasts
San Luis Obispo

Like China and India, the USA is a vast and diverse country,. That truism applies whether you're talking about the landscape or the people, or both. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure book come to life: climb glaciers in Alaska, surf off white-sand beaches in Hawaii, hug the world's biggest trees in California, walk the skyscraper-shadowed streets of NYC...the list goes on and on.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversFamily TravellersFoodiesOutdoor Enthusiasts

United States is one of the favourite countries I've ever visited. The diversity in this country amazes me. People can be whoever they want. Also the diversity of cultures are great as well. East coast and West coast are very different, and also the south and the north as well. It's big, it's diverse, I can't wait to spend more time here.


An incredibly diverse country with all sorts of people, shades of culture, cuisines, and climates.


It's such a large country..some states were nicer then and would go back and revisit them...and others well you know.


I adore the USA. I'm always looking forward to go back. I love them because they cover such a wide area, including so much different lanscapes, cities and people. I've been quite often and every time I try to add to my trip new destinations. I like the sense of freedom I feel there.