The sweet side of Hamburg

It's true that the Germans like their cakes. Come 3pm and you can spot the tea and cake rituals all over town. What's interesting about Hamburg is its ethnically eclectic fare. From German cakes to Turkish delights, Indian sweets to candy canes, Hamburg is full of sweet little surprises. Here's a look at cafes, shops and museums that offer the best in Hamburg sweetness.

Messmer Momentum

Am Kaiserkai 10, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Whether it's raining or snowing, I find myself hunting for a cup of tea in a nice warm place. Messmer Momentum is Hamburg's delightful tea museum, showcases tea from all parts of the world. They say that 60-70% of all Europe's tea passes through Hamburg's port. In their shop and tea lounge, you can choose between 70 varieties of leaves to sip on while tasting some of their cakes and pastries.

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Ottenser Hauptstraße 10, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

Mercado is technically a shopping mall, but it's got something really special about it. Downstairs, there is an array of local vendors selling everything from organic vegetables to designer stationary. It's a lovely, quaint environment that is just great on a rainy day. Their sweet stalls, showcasing pastries and chocolates from all over the world is a definite must see.

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Rasmalai, jalebi, anything basically full of sugar is what's on offer at Pabla Sweet - an indian restaurant and catering service that can deliver for your bday, wedding or anything in between. As a fellow Indian, I do find the jalebi a little too sweet for my taste, yet what the establishment does have plenty of is authenticity.

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Cafe Canale

Poelchaucamp 7, Hamburg, Germany

Cafe Canale has got it's very own boat drive-through. Yes, that's right, this quaint cafe is an extraordinary space nestled in the Hamburg waterways. People come here for the experience; but they also come here for their killer desserts. Reputed as the best in Hamburg, try the apple strudel, served warm.

Cake World Germany Messe

Modering 1A, 22457 Hamburg, Germany

If you're into the whole science of the cake making, this is the event for you. Held every year in Hamburg - among other cities in Europe - Cake World is the largest cake show in North and Middle Europe, and is essentially all about baking and decorating. Watch out for the wedding cake category, that's a site for soar eyes, and even sweeter teeth. You'll come out of this one drooling.

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Cafe Koppel

Lange Reihe 75, 20099 Hamburg, Germany

If you've got a sweet tooth, but are somewhat health conscious, Cafe Koppel might just be the place for you. They pride themselves in organic products, and 100% vegetarian and delicious cakes. That's not to say their desserts aren't decadent. I stuffed myself with a chocolate cake and vanilla ice-cream. When I left though, it all felt rather guilt free.

Cafe Paris

Rathausstrasse 4, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Fancy croissants, crepes, chocolate mousse right in the center of Hamburg? Cafe Paris is seriously authentic, offering all the French bistro basics, exceptionally cooked and detail-oriented. The vibe is also positively French. When I first went there, I have to say I was skeptical. However, one bite of their buttery croissant, and I was won over.


Steindamm 62, 20099 Hamburg, Germany

The large Turkish population in Hamburg makes for some very scrumptious Turkish delights. Back-Lava is one of the best Turkish spots in the city, as far as I'm concerned. Their fresh baked goods, puddings, and decadent baklava stand are outstanding, full of variety and simply irresistible. You're certain to get a sugar dose the moment you enter this place.

I was taken to Jule's supperclub by an artist working in Hamburg. It's apparently the first secret supperclub in the city, and felt both intimate and unique. Situated in private homes around Hamburg, Jule's Supperclub is an excellent way to get to know the local creative scene here, while seriously fine dining! Food, company and everything all around is just marvelous.

East Hotel

Simon-von-Utrecht-Strasse 31, 22359 Hamburg, Germany

Inside this designer boutique hotel is an absolutely spectacular dining experience. My favourite part of the restaurant is the vaulted basement of the old foundry, which is candlelit only. East is Japanese fusion, so a live sushi kitchen is part of the performance. Try the Pankow duck roll for some seriously taste altering experience.
That, with a lychee martini is just marvelous.

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Die Lakritzerie

Barmbeker Str. 189, 22299 Hamburg, Germany

If you like liquorice, you might just have found a piece of heaven on earth. Die Lakritzerie is an upscale sweet shop offering international liquorice specialties, marzipan, among other sweet delights. I stepped in the store just before Christmas, and walked out with a huge bag of individually gift wrapped delights. The liquorice is apparently the best in Europe. You've been warned!

This place has more Indian sweets than anywhere west of India. The variety is simply mind-blowing, offering jalebis of all shapes, colours and sizes, as well as sweets that represent every region of the country. What's nice about Badshah is that it is also an Indian restaurant, so you could go there for a meal, and then sneak in a dessert. As opposed to the other way around.

Last updated at Apr 04, 2016