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Once a bastion of Western influence in the 19th and 20th century Orient, Shanghai has remained on the cutting edge of Chinese politics, commerce, and culture. And, now, tourism. The Bund, Shanghai’s riverside walk (and textbook example of good urban planning) along old colonial Art Deco, Romanesque Revival, and Gothic Revival buildings, offers ... Read more
fantastic views of the ultramodern Shanghai skyline across the river. The French Concession, an upscale tourist area known for its Western architecture, is packed full of both international stores and unique Shanghai retailers. First-time visitors of this vertical city gravitate to the Oriental Pearl Tower or the World Financial Center, the latter of which propels viewers 1,555 feet above ground. The popular Yu Garden attraction is an imperial monument and vibrant street vendor district melded into one. Culture vultures will seek out the Shanghai Museum with its outstanding collections of pottery, Chinese painting and bronze work from prehistoric times to the Qing Dynasty spread across four floors. Foodies will have the city's signature dish in mind long before arriving. Xiaolongbao, or steamed pork dumplings, rule here. Nightlife in Shanghai is simply unrivaled in China, with many nightclubs and bars located on the Bund or in Xintiandi. Shanghai hotels range from historical colonial buildings to 100-floor international-owned skyscrapers.


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Shanghai’s high humidity makes the range of temperatures throughout the year feel more extreme. The 80s and 90s (26-35C) of the summer months (in addition to the heavy rains) make the air feel oppressive, and ... Read more
the low 40s (4-7C) in winter can be bone-chillingly cold. Both spring and fall are much milder, but a burst of visitors attending conventions and bumping up hotel rates in September and October make March through May the most pleasant and affordable time of year to visit. Keep in mind that major Chinese holidays -- especially Chinese New Year and the Lantern Festival -- can be exciting to participate in, but internal travel becomes extremely difficult during this time.

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Loved everything about Shanghai. Very nice scenery at night and The Bund is a must to see.

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San Francisco
Community Manager

Shanghai makes for a great introduction to mainland China. Although it can still be overwhelming, it's easier to get around more western Shanghai -- while still absorbing so much Chinese culture and history -- than in other parts of the country. Make sure you see the French Concession area, and enjoy some xiao long bao!

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I've been to Shanghai four times, for thee-day weekends when I lived in Beijing. I went there to visit Disneyland, and loved staying at a hotel called the Home Inn (Kangqiao Xiuyan Road Metro Station)
如家快捷酒店(上海康桥秀沿路地铁站店)(原秀沿路工业园区店) because it was affordable, close to the park, and lets foreigners stay there.

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San Francisco

Shanghai has always been the cosmopolitan representative of was chic, modern and beautiful when it was first introduced to the Western world in the 1800s, it is chic, modern and beautiful now and more than ever.

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Los Angeles

One of the most unexpected great cities I have been to. Although I was only here for a 24 hour layover, I will most certainly come back for a longer stay. If you trip is as short as mine, it is possible to see so many things in one day.

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San Francisco

Plenty of cool sites to see and vibrant nightlife. Very easy to get around the city by underground trains. I found the culture a bit abrasive towards tourists, and not the most inviting for solo travel.

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San Diego

My only regret is that I only spent a couple of days in Shanghai. There is so much to do here! After I read some of the other reviews I realized that I missed out on some really special things. I loved the blend of the old city and the impressive skyscrapers. Attended a really fun acrobatic show, and had some great food. Would definitely love to go back here some day.

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San Francisco

Shanghai is my favorite city, that I visited in China. Its rich culture, cosmopolitan nightlife combined with tradition and history makes this one of the top destinations in the country. Everything you want to experience in a Chinese city can be found here.

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This city has so much to offer. I love that it blends all these zones together. The side streets have local vendors selling jian bing in the morning, and then you turn a corner and you're next to a mega mall, then strolling the tree-lined avenues of the former French Concession. I love Shanghai.

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San Francisco

Shanghai changed within the last 15 years drastically. It went from nothing to everything.

I went there 1997 as a kid to visit family. And then again in 2014. When it used to be flat country and a horizon to see in 2014 I saw a lot of skyscrapers. I remember being at the same place, it was empty. Now people call it THE BUND, it attracts thousands of people every year and all the people who used to live there became millionaires, because the city paid them to move away.

Hundreds of freeways, streets and restaurants were added to the city.
The nightlife was surprisingly extremely international. They love to have black bouncers and white people to work in clubs.

The prices in general went skyrocket still the food is amazing in this city and here and there you still find older buildings and places in its origin. But it's getting harder to find unfortunately. Shanghai became or is becoming a very international city.

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