Things to do near Restaurante AASM

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    6.47 miCaldeira Velha

    Caldeira Velha

    Ranked #1 overall in Ribeira Grande things to do
    6.47 mi from Restaurante AASM
    10.02 reviews
    Outdoors, Hot Spring, Waterfall
    Popular withOutdoorsySpiritualWellness

    Caldeira Velha is an enchanting "fairy tale" place. There are two swimming pools: a big one, colder (30° C), while the small one, it's 37°C, but can get unfirtunatley very ...

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    3.32 miArchipelago - Arts Center

    Archipelago - Arts Center

    Ranked #3 overall in Ribeira Grande things to do
    3.32 mi from Restaurante AASM
    10.01 review
    Sights and Museums, Art Museum
    Popular withHipstersArtsyFamilies

    If you're an architect fan and an art lover, do not miss this art museum in Ribeira Grande. Built on an old tabaco factory the way they designed the new ...

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    22.4 miTerra Nostra Botanic Gardens

    Terra Nostra Botanic Gardens

    Ranked #1 overall in Furnas things to do
    22.4 mi from Restaurante AASM
    10.06 reviews
    Outdoors, Garden, Park
    Popular withOutdoorsyGreenSpiritual

    Another experience you should not miss is the Terra Nostra gardens. This belonged some decades ago to an American who built this summer house and gardens , then passed to ...

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    22.1 miPoça da Dona Beija

    Poça da Dona Beija

    Ranked #2 overall in Furnas things to do
    22.1 mi from Restaurante AASM
    10.05 reviews
    Wellness, Beauty and Spas
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamiliesWellness

    Great place to relax, amazing atmosphere, it cleanses your soul and body. For 3 Euros, this experience is an absolute bargain. I recommend it to anyone who comes to S. ...

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    22.69 miCapela de Nossa Senhora das Vitórias

    Capela de Nossa Senhora das Vitórias

    Ranked #3 overall in Furnas things to do
    22.69 mi from Restaurante AASM
    9.08 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Church
    Popular withHistoryArtsyOutdoorsy

    It's quite a sight. It doesn't look as if it is ever open (it's a private chapel, apparently), but it is still well maintained. If you are in Furnas and ...

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    17.6 miMiradouro da Boca do Inferno

    Miradouro da Boca do Inferno

    Ranked #1 overall in Ponta Delgada things to do
    17.6 mi from Restaurante AASM
    10.04 reviews
    Outdoors, Scenic Lookout
    Popular withOutdoorsyGreenAdventure

    While de Miradouro del Rey is most famous because of the abandoned hotel, Moradouro da Boca do Inferno offers the same Amazing views of Lagoa do Sete Cidades (and for ...

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    19.88 miLagoa das Sete Cidades

    Lagoa das Sete Cidades

    Ranked #2 overall in Ponta Delgada things to do
    19.88 mi from Restaurante AASM
    10.04 reviews
    Outdoors, Lake
    Popular withOutdoorsySpiritualWellness

    Sete Cidades lagoon has the most iconic view in all Azores islands. The double water lakes, green and blue, are words for it. There are many hiking opportunities too, ...

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    9.71 miLagoa do Fogo

    Lagoa do Fogo

    Ranked #1 overall in Punta Delgada things to do
    9.71 mi from Restaurante AASM
    10.02 reviews
    Outdoors, Lake
    Popular withOutdoorsySpiritualGreen

    The biggest crater lake, in the center of the island. Protected and unspoiled, no construcion around the Lake. If you are lucky with the weather, from Pico do barrosa that ...

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    9.09 miMiradouro De Santa Iria

    Miradouro De Santa Iria

    Ranked #2 overall in Ribeira Grande things to do
    9.09 mi from Restaurante AASM
    10.02 reviews
    Outdoors, Scenic Lookout
    Popular withOutdoorsyBackpackersAdventure

    Fantastic view point of the ocean and cliffs. A quick stop off the highway is worth it

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    25.62 miSpa of Ferraria

    Spa of Ferraria

    Ranked #3 overall in Ponta Delgada things to do
    25.62 mi from Restaurante AASM
    6.73 reviews
    Wellness, Beauty and Spas, Outdoors, Other, Spa or Massage, Hot Spring
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamiliesWellness

    Leaving the Sete Cidades lagoon, head to the seaside, direction Ferraria. You 'll find a "natural" spa of a 40C temperature sea water! Parc near the renewed building of the ...

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