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Penang is an island and state off the west coast of peninsular Malaysia, considered one of the best places to eat in Malaysia. It's known for its Char Kway Teow, a fried rice noodle dish with prawns and egg which is widely available from food stalls, and Assam Laksa, a sour tamarind soup, among others. The beaches are adequate although not as ... Read more
spectacular as some others in Malaysia, like on nearby Langkawi. History and culture abound, however, with Buddhist temples, mangroves illuminated by fireflies, and a mix of Hindu and Chinese (the ethnic majority) cultures. Penang's capital George Town, which is sometimes referred to as 'Penang', is a UNESCO World Heritage Site encompassing Little India and beyond. Resembling a mink pelt, this island off the coast of Malaysia is a treat for the senses, especially taste.

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  • Penang Hill
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  • Kek Lok Si Temple
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  • Gurney Drive
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  • Penang Bridge
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If you love food, Penang is INCREDIBLE! I have never been in a place I could eat in a better way.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersBackpackersAdventure Travellers

Penang is beautiful island and known as 'Eastern Garden'. Here not only can found beautiful sand and sea but also street food.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFoodiesOutdoor Enthusiasts

Georgetown is hand down the food capital of Southe East Asia. You will have hard time to find better Chinese or Indian cuisine in China or India. There is much more and the hipster renovation is a bit worrying, because its losing its authenticity, but it is still a magic place

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory BuffsHipsters

Pinang Island is hands down, favorite place of the locals and visitors due to their artsy vibe, pleasant environment, and food. There's a big population of Chinese as well as Indian community. The main city George Town is Unesco world heritage site.

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Cape Town

Penang is the place where you should definitelly go for cheap and amazing Malaysian food.

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Local from George Town

Small island full with friendly local people. Good foods, local cultural, typical street art, round islands.


Nice city with a lot of good cheap food options. Great place to spend a long week end. The weather can be a bit stifling, but you can always find a mall with insane AC to escape the heat for a while.

Recommended for:Foodies

I've had a few bad experiences in Penang. The only thing I rally like here is the food and architecture.

I came with some thai baht and was looking for a place to exchange money but they were all closed. I looked for an ATM but there were none around except in a 711 10 minutes away that didn't even work. I finally gave up and went to sleep, was a rough sleep because the Malaysians next door were very loud and noisy (has happened onany occasions).

Overall the place is dirty and the locals(most of them) are rude. The only reason I come here is to get my Thai visa, that's it.

Recommended for:BackpackersHistory Buffs
Kuala Lumpur

Why not try to visit Malaysia. not Kuala Lumpur (Its too commercial) but Penang. small Island at the northern of Malaysia. full of historical heritage, local culture, great foods tropical forest and beautiful beach.
there are many backpacker in the Georgetown area.

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The World

We stayed at he Hydro Hotel, let me say that there are better but it's was ok . Gurney Plaza is a great to shop and the market is also great. There is a ferry on a Monday over to the island market if you want to look for big bargains. Everywhere you go you see loads of people driving scooters and there are many place to eat. People love to eat there from the stalls to McDonalds and Nandos, I preferred Nandos and there are some items on the Mcdonalds menu that you won't get in South Africa like Twisters chips as an option instead of fries and a weird mix of drunk combos lol but all good anyway. Accommodation is ok an you can rent a scooter to get around just be aware that the roads are busy and traffic is crazy. The first place you will stop at when you arrive is the Coffee house which I think the taxi drivers get a commission for bringing tourist there before you check in at your hotel. They sell chocolates and plenty of sample are given. Also they sell a weird combination which is a mix of tea and coffee in one. If you buying talkies Gurney Plaza Converse store has what you need. The Indian market is crazy and the museum is a must visit. I spent 7 days there and I think it was a bit too much for me but all in all it was a great place to visit. Property is cheap as well if you into the investment thing but remember if you want to purchase it's partial ownership as the main holder has to be a resident.

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