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Consider yourself a bit of a wine enthusiast? Looking to become one? As one of the world’s premier wine-producing regions, Napa Valley is home to over three hundred wineries and attractions for foodies and bon vivants. But don't overlook Sonoma. The less famous neighbor of Napa is no less beautiful, but without the crowds or overpriced tastings. ... Read more
Visitors flock to tours at larger wineries such as Mondavi or Beringer, but smaller vintners often boast exquisite grounds, such as Castello di Amorosa's 12th century castle or Frog's Leap trails and 19th century barn. Some operations require appointments, but many post daily open tasting hours. Leave your car behind and explore by bike tour, private van or the Napa Valley Wine Train. However, fine wine is only half of Napa and Sonoma's allure. A vibrant culture of fine dining exists to serve the experienced palates of Napa and Sonoma's visitors. For couples looking for a romantic vacation, the region's combination of beautiful wine country and delicious restaurants are complimented by world-class highlights such as golf courses, luxurious hotels, cozy B&Bs, spas, hot air balloon rides and Calistoga’s hot springs.

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There are two main factors that should be taken into consideration when planning a trip to Napa: rain and crowds. The temperatures in the Napa Valley are pretty standard for Northern California, meaning that it ... Read more
never gets too hot or too cold, with a range of 50s to 80s (10-30C) during the day throughout the year. Summer time is best for dining and attending concerts outside, but that’s no secret, so you’ll be battling hordes of other winos for space in restaurants and tasting rooms if you make the trip between June and August. The beginning of spring and mid-fall have mild temperatures and fewer tourists so you can sip your zinfandel in peace.

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Abu Dhabi

Napa valley, an hour and half away from sab Francisco and you are surrounded by the best vineyards in US.

Beautiful place it's all about wines when you are at this place there are number of local wineries which produce some of the best wines, but they don't export it. So you can taste these rare wines only here which us really special. And you can find lots of renowned names like OPUS ONE, ROBERT MONDAVI and many other here only taking wine tours is one of the best options so you can visit a few wineries and get some knowledge about the wine production and taste the wines as well. You can buy wines at a good price all and all the quality dil be the best

Hope this will be helpful

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Las Vegas

awesome restaurants. stayed in St. Helena which was central to the area and close to everything. highly recommend Castillo de amorosa and the mondavi winery.

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Las Vegas

Napa and Sonoma are the "twin cities" of wine country, and they go together like two peas in a pod. While they are very similar, it's important to understand the major differences between the two wine growing areas, especially if you are a first-time visitor.

Napa is more upscale in its dining options and wine tasting experiences. It's where you'll find the super showy and fancy wineries with grandiose tasting rooms and the big-name celebrity chef (and Michelin starred) restaurants. It's also THE perfect place for lovers of big, rich, fruity Cabernet Sauvignon. Cab lovers must visit Napa at least once during their lifetime. Napa is also home to swanky resort hotels. With all of this fanciness comes high prices; expect to pay at least $50 per person when dining out, $250 and up per night for a hotel, and $20 - $150 per person for a wine tasting. Napa is expensive, and it's crowded.

Sonoma is nearly a polar opposite and is much more laid back. Expect fewer crowds and free or cheap ($5 - $10) wine tastings. Sonoma is more farm country, with down home tasting rooms, cute b&b inns, and fewer crowds. Sonoma is the place to head if you love chardonnay and pinot noir.

All visitors to wine country should try to spend at least a day in each region to get a feel for which best suits their personality. I've been to both many times, and Napa always wins for me. But then again, it's all about the wine!

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San Mateo

I love Napa. My fiends, family, and I always go up there for Thanksgiving and have a blast. There is so much to do and see, and running around in the vineyards playing hide and go seek tag, and picking blackberries off the bramble is always memorable. This is such a beautiful place that is great for everyone.

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The Chicagoland Area

Not the land of Milk and Honey but Wine and Cheese. Find 1 or 100 locations to stop and enjoy a wine tasting under the beautiful sun and mild temperatures.

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The scenery alone is worth a visit -- the rolling hills and vineyards (especially in the fall) are incredibly picturesque. That you can find great food and wine is also pretty great.

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A short hop from San Francisco and the place to go if you like Wine. Easy to do in a day or stay for longer.

Los Angeles
Community ManagerAmbassador

Love wine country and all the great food, wine and scenery that surrounds this little NorCal gem!

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San Francisco

If you're looking for a bit of weekend rest and relaxation, look no further than Northern California's two famous wine regions, Napa and Sonoma Valley. Over the years I've found that I gravitate a bit more toward the quirky charm of Sonoma than the more refined Napa. That's also likely because Sonoma is a bit closer than Napa is to San Francisco.

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What can I say about Napa that hasn't been said by all the others! This is a must see and drive! Ever wondered what cruising in a convertible feels like when you're driving through the vineyards? Heaven!

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