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The mega-city of Calcutta (Kolkata in the local language) was named after Kali, the Hindu goddess of creation and destruction. That the city was named after change is not at all surprising. A visit to Kolkata is a visceral experience in constant movement. With one of the largest urban populations of anywhere in the world, prepare to have your ... Read more
senses overwhelmed on every level. Sure, there's pollution, traffic congestion and indefatigable poverty. But there is also an intellectual, artistic and political history second to none in India. Visit attractions dating to the British Raj (the British East India Company arrived here in 1690), see the Kalighat temple dedicated to Kali or volunteer with Mother Theresa's Mission. Try the famed Bengali sweets at local restaurants, or dine on street food. Try a historic palace hotel in the Esplanade section of the city center, or choose from any number of budget lodging around Sudder Street.

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Things to see and do in Kolkata (Calcutta)

  • Victoria Memorial
    8.937 reviews
    Outdoors, History Museum, Garden
    Popular withHistoryArtsy
  • Kali Temple
    8.923 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Temple
    Popular withSpiritualHistory
  • South City Mall
    9.111 reviews
    Shopping, Mall
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • Eden Gardens
    9.77 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Stadium, Cricket Ground
    Popular withAdventureOutdoorsy


Kolkata (Calcutta)


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Top Kolkata (Calcutta) restaurants

  • JW Kitchen
    10.02 reviews
    Indian, Buffet
    Popular withFamiliesSolo Female
  • Coffee O' Kobita
    10.01 review
    Popular withStudentsFamilies
  • Indian Coffee House
    9.54 reviews
    Coffee and Tea
    Popular withStudentsSolo Female
  • Chili's
    10.01 review
    American, Mexican, Pubs
    Popular withHipstersFoodies
Kolkata (Calcutta)

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Kolkata (Calcutta) reviews

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    History Buffs
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Foster City

Capital of West Bengal, with lots of old English colonial buildings all over the city.

Recommended for:History Buffs
Local from Kolkata (Calcutta)

Park Street is the most happening part of Kolkata. With an array of the best food outlets to the new 42 storeyed building the place has it’s own charm. The Oxford Bookstore, Kwality restaurant, Flurys, Barbeque Nation are the must visits.

Recommended for:Foodies

There for business,the place is lush green and full of different variety of food.

Recommended for:Business TravellersFoodiesSolo Female

City with a heart and soul. One of the most friendliest city and busy and biggest city in India. A city with rich history and cultural importance. Largest and most important city in East of India

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFamily TravellersSpiritual Seekers
New York City

Kokata (it will always be Calcutta to me) is a city that is not easy to love on first impression. The city is dirty and does not have the sexiness of Mumbai, but there is an energy about this place and pockets of it I love very much. For instance to stand on the Howrah Bridge which spans the Hooghly River is an unbelievable colorful display of every type of transportation you can imagine (and moving all sort of unusual things) There is some handsome Colonial era architecture, such as the Victoria Memorial. Also, visit the Kali Temple,Tagore's House (the famous Bengali writer/poet/composer) and Mother Teresa's "Mother House. This is a city with grinding poverty that is very evident, but it is also know as the "intellectual and cultural capital" of India.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersBackpackersHistory BuffsArt & Design Lovers

Looking back on three months in India, Kolkata was probably my favorite city. Not because there are any must-see sights but probably just because Bengali culture resonated some way with my personally. I liked Bengali food, I was interested by the culture out on the streets, I liked the decaying colonial architecture, and I like the friendly people. Calcutta is different from other big cities in India for these reasons and I know I'll be back.

Recommended for:Foodies

On the outskirts of the Indian tourist universe, this Indian mega-city on the Houghly, for centuries the capital of British India, has a very different flavor from Delhi or Mumbai, far less hassle, and some genuinely friendly people. The Victoria Memorial or Kalighat Temple are fascinating places to visit, and the flower market near the riverbank is a photographer's dream.

Recommended for:History Buffs
San Francisco

If you go in August, chances are it's going to be very rainy here. When I went, I was lucky enough to visit on the one weekend when it *didn't* rain. But I think Kolkata is a lot of fun even when you're sloshing around in the rain.

It was the capital when India was still a British colony, so there's tons of colonial architecture to see, if that's your bag. What I ended up doing: rediscovering the inner child in me at Science City and Nicco Park.

Science City is an exposition park, with a space theater, space flight simulator, Jurassic forest, and aviary and butterfly corners. It's a little rundown, but that's part of the fun!

Nicco Park was, by far, my favorite part of the trip. It's an amusement park - with a wooden rollercoaster called the Cyclone! Definitely worth the wait.

Recommended for:BackpackersFoodiesHistory Buffs

One of the messiest, most crowded, and amazing cities that I have been to! Kolkata is a gem, if you can figure the city out. Lots of amazing architecture in the city as well. Be sure to take a boat ride under the old and new Howrah bridges!

Mumbai (Bombay)

Charnok is the father of the city.
North Bengal corridor (Siliguri) is the only place to access the Eastern India.
Eastern India comprises of three or four states namely- Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Mijoram, Nagaland, Assam.
This city is my school town.