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The former British colony has always been an immensely important point of trade – from the 19th-century opium trade to a major financial center today-- Hong Kong has blossomed into an energizing destination for visitors. Even though the harbor city returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1997 as a 'special administrative region,' Hong Kong retains ... Read more
innumerable distinctions -- a separate currency, left-side driving, and a capitalist-friendly economic system. Simply admiring life here in one of the most densely populated regions of the world is a highlight of a visit to Hong Kong -- from floating homes on fishing junks in Aberdeen to the ubiquitous high-rise apartments -- but leave the city center for top attractions, such as Lantau Island's "The Big Buddha", a 250-ton statue of Buddha. Harbor cruises, shopping, and riding the Peak Tram to see Hong Kong from above are also popular things to do. Surprisingly, you'll also discover Hong Kong has some great hiking as well. When you get hungry, look no further than excellent dim sum restaurants like Tim Ho Wan. Street food is also popular and well executed. If you want an extravagant hotel, like The Peninsula Hong Kong, this city will do you right, but dozens of hotels and guesthouses offer no-frills rooms for less.

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While high season in this popular city lasts most of the year, there are still some deals to be had during the mild winter and wet, scorching summer (although, between the two, the former is more highly ... Read more
recommended for a visit if you have a say in the matter). Spring has warm temperatures, but days can often be plagued by fog and drizzle. Late fall is really ideal, with pleasant temperatures and plenty of blue skies. Book well in advance if you are traveling during major Chinese holidays (Chinese New Year, Golden Week) as tourists from the mainland can arrive en masse.

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In this huge city there is "little reason to worry about safety," but it's better to "dress conservatively." In general, women feel "comfortable walking around the city, even late at night." As always, "stay vigilant and use common sense."

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Skyscanner surveyed its Solo Female Traveller Tribe to compile woman-to-woman safety tips for this destination. While no one destination is ever completely safe or unsafe, our hope is that this information will allow users to make their own decisions with better information.

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Hong Kong is so easy to get around. I stayed way out of Central area but visited every day.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBudget TravellersFamily TravellersSolo Female

The air was extremely polluted and it was the most expensive city I have ever been to


It's a great place for food and massage n partying,also adventure parks,the peak is a must visit

Recommended for:Business TravellersLuxury TravellersNightlife Lovers

Food there was very nice, esecially dimsum, noodles. The nightseeing was awesome. I went Hongkong in the summer so that It was very hot..

Recommended for:FoodiesLuxury TravellersNightlife Lovers

I loooove their local food! The placed to stay are packed and small, but I mostly explore outside than staycation, so it’s okay. Easy public transportations too

Recommended for:Family TravellersFoodiesHistory BuffsAdventure Travellers
San Francisco
Community Manager

One of the world's great cities, and a nice introduction to Asia with some of the amenities and English spoken as a leftover from its time under British rule. A culture all its own still!


FOOOODDDD, is a must try, clothes and other necessities are all within budget, including food (duh), clothing, skin care, dental and hygeine care, and basically alot of stuffs. While in Hong Kong I suggest to go to night markets, that's where all the good cheap stuff are

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFoodiesAdventure TravellersNightlife Lovers

Hong Kong is an international foodie delight with wionderful treats from all over the globe and many local favorites to tempt you with. Shopping is still very good for many items including clothing and electronics. Fascinating history and many sites to explore and let's not forget Hong Kong is also home to a Disneyland resort

Recommended for:Family TravellersFoodiesHistory BuffsSpiritual Seekers

Not a good experience for recent trip to Hong Kong.. I have been 4years didn't go HK, This was my more than 6times to HK land. But was surprised on the HK residents attitudes- was very rude compared to 5years back.. too many bad things happened till I won't go in near future.

Recommended for:Family TravellersFoodies

In this huge city there is "little reason to worry about safety," but it's better to "dress conservatively." In general, women feel "comfortable walking around the city, even late at night." As always, "stay vigilant and use common sense."

Recommended for:Solo Female