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Germany's second-largest city and biggest port is no shy wallflower: it has long taken pride in its history of trade with the world (and the wealth that has created) since joining medieval trading association the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages. But despite its role as a wealthy economic stronghold, Hamburg isn't a boring, sterile business ... Read more
port: it's lively Reeperbahn red light district is one of the world’s most popular, filled with provocative bars, shops, and prostitutes, yet very safe for the tourist practicing common sense. Its maritime spirit shines through everywhere you look: from fantastic seafood to waterfront parks, port cruise tours to the shipping warehouse complex of Speicherstadt. It's here that you can also explore a miniature model town at Miniatur Wunderland. True to German culture, Hamburg loves its open-air markets: Rathausmarkt takes place in the central square and offers visitors a taste of authentic German food (though the American hamburger had its origins here, true Hamburger cuisine tends more to pan-fried fish and the regional pastry Franzbrötchen.) The city has a long love affair with music as well, being the birthplace of Johannes Brahms and an early incubator of the Beatles. For all its charms, Hamburg has maintained a relatively low profile on the world tourist map, yet has plenty to dig into from historic buildings to modern theater.

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  • Speicherstadt
    9.134 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark
    Popular withHistoryOutdoorsy
  • Hamburg City Hall
    8.137 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, City Hall
    Popular withHistoryArtsy
  • Alster
    9.229 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors
    Popular withOutdoorsyBackpackers
  • Hamburger Hafen (Port of Hamburg)
    8.627 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Historic Site, Harbour or Marina
    Popular withHistoryOutdoorsy




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My favorite town in Germany! Every season is beautiful! My favorites are the "Speicherstadt" and the harbor! Special events would be the "DOM", the harborbirthday and all the different Christkindlmarkets. Try to take a harbor tour and enjoy the view from the tower of the "Michel" also called "St. Michaelis Church". And maybe take a walk through the "Hafencity" and see the cruise ships close up. Always wanted to walk underneath a river? The old tunnel underneath the "Elbe" gives you the chance. Have a fun trip and great the people with a welcoming "Moin"!

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravellersHistory BuffsNightlife Lovers

I had one of the best weekend breaks I’ve ever had in Hamburg. It has a similar set up to London where it has different districts for different purposes. A nightlife district, shopping district, tourist and attractions the list goes on. It really does cater to all your needs whatever the reason is for you going away. Whether it’s to go out and drink, if you’re a foodie, if you live shopping, if you live arts and culture it has it all. Hamburg is now my favourite city I’ve visited will definitely be returning.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFoodiesHistory BuffsNightlife Lovers

Great city, with a stunning arhitecture and amazing food. It was a pleasure to discover this beautiful city. Must see: The Opera House- it's just amazing, and the view on top...breathtaking.

Recommended for:History BuffsArt & Design Lovers

Hamburg is not my favorite city in Europe. Perhaps I am being too hard on it by comparing it to the likes of Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest, etc. But, it's important to know before booking a trip. Things you can get out of Hamburg: serious nightlife (if you're looking for a backdrop for your stag getaway, Hamburg is for you), *some* greenery/pretty architecture (although, in my opinion, other cities fare far better), good location to travel to Benelux or other German cities (if you are backpacking, you could stop by for a quick visit). I apologize if this sounds harsh, but those are probably the best qualities. Things you might not get from Hamburg: the same sense of European splendor that you may get from other cities, cleanliness (this city is not as clean as other cities in Europe), peace and quiet in the evening (see note on nightlife), greenery/canals (at least, not as much as other cities). If it sounds like I am saying that Hamburg is a sub-par Amsterdam or some other great European city, that's probably because I am. Not my favorite. But-maybe it's your gem!

Recommended for:StudentsNightlife Lovers
New York City

Hamburg is one of my favorite cities in Germany. Beautiful architecture, nice people and plenty of really good restaurants.


People in Hamburg call their city: city of bridge. Because there are more than 2500 bridges in this city. Some of venice and London's bridges are in this city too. Most of the tourists in this city love to swim and visit the person who built this bridges.

Recommended for:Family TravellersFoodiesGreen TravellersAdventure Travellers

Hip, beautiful city. Don't forget a rain or wind jacket, a weather like that is on the daily schedule. Also wear good shoes- you won't be able to stop exploring this exciting place.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravellersFoodiesNightlife Lovers

Visit Hamburg once but did not like it very much. I heart a lot about the famous Reeperbahn, the Hamburg red light district, but was rather disappointed. The hotel where I stayed was ok and the restaurants are modest in price and the quality good.

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFamily TravellersFoodies

Hamburg... I don't know what to say about this city except that it's probably the most beautiful city I've ever been and will be.
There is so much beauty everywhere!
Take a tour at the harbor and eat a lot of fresh fish!
You can party seven days a week at the Reeperbahn. Every single bar is special and amazing.
I also loved the travesty show at the Pulverfass. It was so funny!
I could talk about Hamburg all day, but I will stop right here. Just one more thing: Go there! You'll not regret it!

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFoodiesHistory BuffsNightlife Lovers

I absolutly Love this city. Greatest restaurants. For example: Hans im Glück.

Recommended for:StudentsLuxury TravellersNightlife LoversHipsters