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Sometimes referred to as "The Last City of the Caribbean", Ecuador's largest metropolis exudes all of the energy and charisma one might expect from a tropical port town. Once known for rampant crime and pollution, revitalization efforts in recent decades have transformed the downtown into a safe and sophisticated urban center. Enjoy riverfront ... Read more
views and take in an IMAX movie along the Malecón 2000, explore the hidden mangrove channels of the Guayas River, and enjoy a bowl of encebollado, a tomato broth-based fish soup that's a local favorite and sure to please. Whether you're just passing through on the way to the Galápagos or pursuing a business deal in the city's growing financial sector, Guayaquil welcomes with straightforward costeño hospitality and the spirit of a city on the rise.

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Things to see and do in Guayaquil

  • Malecón 2000
    9.418 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Pier
    Popular withBackpackersFamilies
  • Las Peñas
    9.512 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Neighbourhood
    Popular withAdventureBackpackers
  • Faro Santa Ana
    8.99 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Lighthouse, Landmark
    Popular withBackpackersAdventure
  • Parque Seminario
    8.79 reviews
    Outdoors, Park
    Popular withFamiliesGreen




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Top Guayaquil restaurants

  • Embarcadero 41
    10.01 review
    Seafood, Peruvian
    Popular withFoodiesSolo Female
  • Restaurant El Jardin
    10.01 review
    Ecuadorian, Soups
    Popular withFoodiesSolo Female
  • Casa Julian
    10.01 review
    Popular withFoodiesSolo Female
  • Naturissimo
    9.25 reviews
    Ecuadorian, South American
    Popular withHistoryWellness

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Guayaquil reviews

  • 9.8
    History Buffs
  • 8.6
    Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • 7.6
    Family Travellers
  • 7.6
  • 7.6
    Nightlife Lovers

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20 yrs has taken for this city to transform from a connection hub to a tourist spot. Well worth exploring Guayaquil on your next adventure. Summertime can be grueling hot best weather is July to Nov. Food is amazing if in a restaurant or a food cart. My favorite dish Arroz con menestra y carne asada nothing more than rice lentils and bbq beef but the flavor is out of this world

Recommended for:Family TravellersFoodiesHistory BuffsNightlife Lovers

Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador and definitely feels that way. It can often be a passing through point due to its hub status.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBudget TravellersHistory BuffsAdventure Travellers
Puerto Vallarta

Wasn't in the city for long, just passing through on my way down to the beach and back up into the mountains.

Recommended for:Backpackers

While Quito is the capital of Ecuador, Guayaquil is Ecuador's largest city, and it's financial capital. Also, unlike landlocked Quito, Guayaquil is a seaport town.

San Francisco

The "feel" of Guayaquil is definitely more lively, urban, industrial, and somewhat chaotic. Perhaps it was that we mainly stayed in the older, more traditional part of town so we felt like we have been transported back about 20-30 years back. Otherwise, we enjoyed experiencing the local flair, culture, and atmosphere.


In the Ecuadorian "Tale of Two Cities" that wages between Guayaquil and Quito, I've always been partial to Quito. However, as Guayaquil has revitalized over the years, so has my interest in it. I've seen this city transform from a sketchy coastal slum, to a somewhat beautiful port metropolis. It's amazing what can happen to a town when it's people work together and are as vibrant and forward thinking as they are here along the Guayas. The Guayaquil of today is an A List city in my book!

Short Hills

When we went to Quito, we had a recommendation to visit Guayaquil, so we tried out and LoVeD...Guayaquil is a beautiful city right on the coast of Ecuador, surrounded by rivers and beautiful beaches less than
an hour drive we loved their seafood and the fresh crabs offers in many of the restaurants on the city. Now let me tell you about the non stop
Night life that was really fun, and we couldn't even finish half of what's available on the fall we will go back for a week..!! Thanks guys

Panama City

This is a fantastic city, the food is absolutely AMAZING, the main ingredient is "El Platano" and with this one ingredient chefs and cooks pull out fantastics dishes. The night life is fun with a good crow mixed from bars to clubs to lounges and cafeterias there is something for everyone. This is a most stop for everyone while is South America, and if you enjoy the sun get ready to be mesmerize... this city stole my heart and keep my soul!


Great people. If you can go to an Emelec game. Recommended

Recommended for:Business TravellersFoodiesLuxury TravellersNightlife Lovers