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Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States, which contributes to its strange contrast of ritz and glamour side by side with poverty and crime. But LA is more than just a mosh pit of economic statuses. Botoxed movie stars and make-it-big dreamers share space with laid-back surfers along the coast, working-class Angelenos and ... Read more
a vibrant immigrant community. The coastal communities, including Santa Monica and Venice Beach radiate an easygoing surfer vibe, with travelers seeking out the great beaches and the eclectic Venice Boardwalk, trendy restaurants and boutiques along Venice's Abbott-Kinney neighborhood, or the carrousel at the Santa Monica Pier. Inland, culture seekers flock to Hollywood's club scene, check out music along the Sunset Strip, and seek the hipster indie clubs in Silverlake. If you can hack your way through the traffic, you'll reach the populous San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, but also the serenely beautiful Angeles and Los Padres national forests and Mojave Desert. Art and pop culture are king here: the unique Hollywood Bowl outdoor concert venue, the art mecca of the Getty Center and Getty Villa in Malibu and the live music venues that dot the county.

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  • Griffith Observatory
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  • Universal Studios Hollywood
    9.0436 reviews
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  • The Getty Center
    9.4393 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Art Museum, Landmark, Popular
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  • Venice Beach
    8.8405 reviews
    Outdoors, Beaches and Watersports, Park, Beach, Popular
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Summer brings crowds to Los Angeles, booking up hotels along the coast and restaurants in the city. From September to May the area is less crowded, and the air less smoggy, though you may encounter the hot, dry ... Read more
Santa Ana winds. Headed to the beach? Don't go in June when the 'June Gloom' makes the beaches cold and foggy for most of the morning. The coast is always a bit cooler than inland (head to Santa Monica and not Hollywood if you want a breeze). Whatever time of year you go, however, you can leave your down coat at home.

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Local from Los Angeles

I love LA! We have amazing museums, art galleries & the food is to die for as all of the world's top chef's are here. You can go snow skiing in the mountains in the morning & end up surfing the Pacific Ocean at sunset. Almost every week we have top name concerts, 2 football & basketball teams & the world famous Dodgers! So much to see & be seen as celebrities are abundantly seen doing their daily lives.

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Local from Greater Los Angeles

Great place,wow place,Great place,wow place,Great place,wow place,Great place,wow place,great always,always,Always awesome

Recommended for:Business TravellersFoodiesAdventure Travellers

Los Angeles is a must visit for everyone at least once. This city has everything to offer, whether its the trendy places to eat at or the outdoorsy places to hike at. You will get it all here.

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Local from Greater Los Angeles
Community ManagerAmbassador

From living in LA for over 13 years now (I am a former East Coaster), I can truthfully say that LA is what you make of it! It is a tale of many cities that are spread out, meaning you will never get tired of this sunny heaven because there are so many scenes to explore and things to do.

LA is the new food mecca with all the international chefs opening up shop here and also alot new foodie trends are coming from here now. The nightlife here is insane if you are plugged, you could have the wildest day/night every single day if you have some connections.

If you love music, you can see all your favorite artists here as they all eventually have a tour here at some point.

If you love the outdoors, LA has a surprisingly great hiking scene from all the treks in Malibu, to urban Downtown LA hikes, and more in the San Gabriel Mountains.

If are into your wellness & fitness, we have alot of supportive communities here as this is after all the entertainment capital of the world where there is an image conscious community.

One of the cons is definitely the horrendous traffic if you are not saavy with the city but the Metro Los Angeles is definitely helping with that.

LA is truly a melting pot of people and experiences that will leave you re-discovering the city endlessly.

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Local from Los Angeles

born and raised in los angeles, it's got a lotta good stuff for everyone of all ages

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Local from Los Angeles

LA has its own vibe, doesn't compare to any other city in the world! So many places to discover if you don't mind the drive and traffic. From natural parks to beaches, entertainment, and music, definitely a place worth visiting and crossing off your bucket list!

Recommended for:Budget TravellersFoodiesNightlife LoversOutdoor Enthusiasts

Los Angeles has it all: the touristy Walk of Fame, tapings and screenings, gorgeous hikes, breathtaking beaches, even wine tasting safaris in the mountains of Malibu!

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Local from Los Angeles

Greater Los Angeles covers an awful lot of ground, so be sure you have gas in your car, or fares loaded on your Metro card! A baseball team, a hockey team, two basketball teams, and at least one football team. Neighborhoods with various cultural experiences which help usher in all kinds of food stuffs to explore. Great theatre may be found here, too, though you sometimes have to know where to look. And all those parks; what can you say about that?

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Los Angeles is always an interesting city, with beautiful people, a great restaurant and nightlife scene, and shopping.

East Falmouth

Most of my time here has been spent in the Venice and Santa Monica Beach Area! I had a lot of fun walking up and down the boardwalk. Great area if your on a budget because there is a lot of free stuff to do! I also enjoyed going to the Griffith Observatory to get a good view of the area and Hollywood Sign!!! Also Free :)

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