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Italy's port city of Genoa (Genova in Italian) is most famously remembered for being the home of Christopher Columbus. Visitors to this northern enclave will find that it also has a rich artistic history, with numerous frescos, paintings, sculptures and other works of art held in the city's abundant museums, palaces, villas, art galleries and ... Read more
piazzas. Shoppers flock to Via XX Settembre, the main shopping street. It runs between Piazza de Ferrari and Piazza della Vittoria. A stroll down this street will take visitors past Mercato Orientale (Eastern Market), an indoor food and produce market and The Historic Center with its narrow, winding allies and many churches, mansions, shops, restaurants and bars.

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  • Acquario di Genova
    9.822 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Zoo or Aquarium
    Popular withAdventureFamilies
  • Porto Antico
    9.515 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Historic Site, Harbour or Marina
    Popular withFamiliesArtsy
  • Palazzo Ducale
    9.512 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Castle or Palace
    Popular withArtsyFamilies
  • Area del Porto Antico
    9.610 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Historic Site, Harbour or Marina
    Popular withBackpackersArtsy




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Top Genova restaurants

  • Negroneria Genovese
    10.01 review
    Italian, Bar
    Popular withNightlifeFoodies
  • Icuochi
    10.02 reviews
    Seafood, Continental, Italian, Mediterranean
    Popular withFoodiesBusiness
  • Molo 21
    8.01 review
    Italian, Pizza
    Popular withFamilies
  • Groove
    8.01 review
    American, Burgers
    Popular withHipstersFoodies

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  • 9.8
    History Buffs
  • 7.0
    Art & Design Lovers
  • 6.4
    Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • 6.4
    Family Travellers
  • 6.1
    Spiritual Seekers

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Genova is the maritime center of Italy. It has important history for the country. It is most definitely a working city and grittier than the more popular vision you may have but a visit to the old city allows you to experience a time gone by. I love the colors of these houses clustered together.


A visit to the harbour city Genoa is the right choice for everyone. A perfect combination for wine, food and lovers of architecture. Also a great place to enjoy museums, palaces, villas and piazzas. And a heaven for shoppers! And it is the birthplace of Columbus.

Recommended for:Family TravellersFoodiesHistory BuffsArt & Design Lovers

Make sure you take a tour of old town Genoa for the medieval and Renaissance architecture!

Recommended for:StudentsHistory BuffsNightlife Lovers
Pleasant Hill

Genoa or Genova was Gayle and my last stop during our recent Italy vacation. This City is not to be confused with Genoa Nevada, where many members of Gayle's extended family live. We took the train in from Cinque Terre in the afternoon and flew out the next day. In between, we walked around, enjoyed the many cozy streets of the Old City, ate well, wandered in and out of stunning churches, and strolled through the old Port.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversHistory BuffsSpiritual Seekers

Amazing city, especially during summertime. Go there for an historical journey and enjoy the unique mix of typical food (try focaccia and farinata!), ancient buildings and the modern port district!

Recommended for:Family TravellersHistory BuffsOutdoor Enthusiasts

City by the coastal area. Travelling into the city from Milan southwards see a winding road and lots of big trucks. Do extra care if you ever travel on own. Better to reach the city before dark falls would be advisable. Any case, for me, i travel during summer; long day light :)


Nice city in the Northern Italy. Its known for its harbour and hosts a great acquarium. The city is not exceptional in itself, but its on the way to Portofino, Cinque Terre or Sanremo and the food is great. Must eat: pasta al pesto and pansoti al sugo di noci (nuts sauce)


I love gritty cities, good food, aquariums and ports. It's no wonder I loved Genoa. The city's compact historic center is impressive. I mean, just try to think of a Mediterranean culture who didn't attack, occupy or try to lay siege to Genoa at some point: Etruscans, Greeks, Visigoths, pirates, Venetians, Austro-Hungarians, etc. Each left some trace here.

They all tried to take Genoa for a reason. The city has one of the Mediterranean's most perfect ports, plus hills over the scenic city. There's more sightseeing up there these days than boiling oil, but it's still pretty cool.

And the food. In my opinion, Liguria has some of the best food of any Italian region, and Genoa is the capital. So, do the math. Seafood, pesto, ravioli.

New York City

I got on a plane in Munich headed for Pisa, fell asleep, and woke up in Genoa. It turns out that weather was bad was in Pisa so they diverted to Genoa where they put us on buses. All I got to see was the coast line from the air and what I could see out the bus window. It looks like a nice place. Maybe I'll plan on being there next time.


Genova is the capital of Liguria and the sixth largest city in Italy.
Genoa is one of Europe's largest cities on the Mediterranean Sea and the largest seaport in Italy.
Genoa has been nicknamed la Superba ("the Superb one") due to its glorious past and impressive landmarks. Part of the old town of Genoa was inscribed on the World Heritage List (UNESCO) in 2006 (see below). The city's rich art, music, gastronomy, architecture and history, allowed it to become the 2004's European Capital of Culture. It is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

Recommended for:History Buffs