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Cigars, Castro, Communism, Che, Chevys...Cuba is much more than the sum of its clichés. In 2015, after 54 years of animosity, the United States and Cuba formally restored diplomatic ties and re-opened embassies in each other's lands. Though Americans are now allowed entry to Cuba on the basis of "purposeful travel" (following a total ban since the ... Read more
Communist revolution in the 1960s), Canadians and Europeans have already been enjoying its powdery beaches and seaside resorts for decades.

Cuba's beaches are admittedly stunning, but the most enjoyable part of travel here is the opportunity to delve into the once-insular Cuban culture. Visit the nation’s capital of Havana, where classic cars and buildings stuck in time provide the backdrop to salsa music, the smell of fried plantains and a love for cultural pursuits rarely matched in other countries. Venture away from the city and you’ll find modern beach resort towns like Varadero and quieter seaside towns like Baracoa, or venture inland for hiking amidst fog-enshrouded mountains. Cuban food is, simply, delicious. Based on the simple pairing of rice and beans, the influence of island inhabitants -- Spanish colonizers, African slaves, Chinese workers, native islanders -- have brought together a stew of flavors and ingredients.

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  • El Malecón
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  • Old Havana
    9.325 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark
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  • Havana Cathedral
    8.928 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Church
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  • Viñales Valley
    8.918 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Hiking and Nature, Hiking Trail
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Playa del Carmen

Cuba is one of the most interesting, stressful, beautiful and frustrating places I have ever visited. It is a country of contradictions and one I hope to return to soon.

Recommended for:BackpackersHistory BuffsNightlife LoversArt & Design Lovers
Foster City

Most intersting country in the Americas, for its rich history, culture, music and food.

Recommended for:BackpackersHistory BuffsAdventure Travellers

Really an amazing country but definitely not for everyone. If you speak Spanish and are interested in political economy definitely go. If you like great rum and cigars take a trip, and if you like dancing, music and art and architecture, Cuba is your mecca. There also seems to be great Marlin fishing here in September, October and the island itself is beautiful. However it is not the easiest place to travel around, and those who do not speak Spanish will find it hard to appreciate the richness of the culture and history here. Also the touts can become quite tiresome, but a small price to pay for getting to see a beautiful island with a vibrant culture, and one of the last unique systems of political economies in the world.

Recommended for:Adventure TravellersArt & Design LoversOutdoor Enthusiasts

I never been to the place. I would love to make Cuba my future traveling destination. I heard a lot about refreshing and cleaned beaches, weather is magnificent and camping sites are phenomenal. I would like to know more so that I will visit the place soon.

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So we know that Americans are not really allowed to go to Cuba. Depending on which administration is in office, upon your return to the US the best you can hope for is a hard time from the Immigration guys. The worst that could happen is a $50,000 fine and possibly a prison sentence. Isn’t Uncle Sam a big meanie? Well yes, but did you know that in Cuba itself it’s illegal to CouchSurf? Well you do now. It’s even illegal for a foreigner to travel in a car with a Cuban, so hitch-hiking (if you’re a tourist) is technically against the law as well. But at least you can go there on holiday. Spare a thought for the poor Cubans – for the vast majority, foreign holidays are illegal. They have to ask permission from their (unelected) government to even pop over to Cancun in Mexico for the weekend. Viva la revolution, indeed.

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New York State

Really amazing place, and a bit of a roller coaster of contradictions. Beautiful cities, amazing and friendly people, and something really unique and special about the old and untouched architecture and infrastructure. At the same time, you feel for the people who are hyper aware of their situation trapped between a corrupt communist government, and the US, who is unwilling to help given the Cuban population that fled Castro in the late 50s. Pretty amazing in general, and will undoubtedly change once things open up.


Best place so far i have seen. Amazing food, people and beaches... what more do you want????


One of my most favorite countries! It has everything...beautiful beaches, amazing architecture, beautiful streets and buildings, charming little towns and some of the friendliest, most hospitable people you will ever meet!


All things said and done this is a beautiful place to visit....just remember when booking hotels nothing below a 4 star....their standards of comfort, food handling and cleanliness are not the same as we are accustomed to.


Cuba is a nice destination if you are looking for a beach vacation. Packages from Canada are fairly inexpensive compared to other places in the South and beaches are beautiful with white sand. For people looking for a cultural experience, La Habana is a fantastic place to visit if you are in Cuba with many attractions and places to visit. If you are a foodie, Cuba is not the place for you. But if you are looking just to relax and not get too bothered on the beach by vendors, then Cuba is a good place for you.