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So beautiful are California's beaches, mountains, forests and cities that countless artists have proclaimed their love for the state in song -- and who can blame them? From the stunning coastline of Big Sur, to the oddly shaped trees that inspired Dr. Seuss in Joshua Tree, the famously harsh climate of Death Valley to the snow-capped alpine ... Read more
splendor in the Sierras, California never pushes the pause button on wonder. Make time to visit national parks and monuments like Yosemite, the Devil's Postpile, or the Mojave Preserve, which has captivated artistic minds like Ansel Adams and John Muir. Dine in Michelin-starred restaurants in San Francisco, explore star-studded Los Angeles, or loll on the beach in laid-back San Diego. The best way to see all three is to go for one of the country's most epic road trips along the breathtaking coast, which will also take you through world-class cities like Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Santa Barbara.

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  • Golden Gate Bridge
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  • San Diego Zoo
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  • Disneyland
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  • Balboa Park
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“The Golden State” has much to be thankful for: a mild climate, sunny skies, and some pretty spectacular views, to name a few. However, though the sun will follow you from Tahoe to Santa Monica, beware of this ... Read more
expansive state’s numerous microclimates that can sneak up on bikini-flaunting tourists. In the summer, the Mojave Desert might surpass 120F (48C) on the same day that “June Gloom” takes over Los Angeles’ beaches; and San Francisco is notorious for grey summer months (locals consider August and September their summer). Whatever time of year you go, be sure to pack a light jacket next to your cut-off shorts, but don’t forget your sunglasses because this state is sure to dazzle you.

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What a beautiful and interesting place. California's forests are really beautiful in spring. You must go and see them. I love adventure and california is a good place for adventure.

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Los Angeles

California is the place to be! From the beautiful mountains to the blue beaches, you can't be bored living here. The weather is perfect!

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Well, how can one review CALIFORNIA - a giant state with lots of diversity from south to north. Generally politically progressive, with beautiful nature and weather, not to mention food. I'm a fan of northern over southern.

Playa del Rey

Ahh, California...where have you been all my life? Oh I know, the total opposite side of the country where I grew up!

Yes, I was born in Georgia. Talk about polar opposites! California is liberal, Georgia is conservative. California has sunshine and great weather almost every day, there's super hot humid days and freezing yucky winters in Georgia, and a torrential downpour every other day.

Yes, California is great. You have Los Angeles, home of a million people and a million things to do. You have San Diego, chiller cousin of LA and a great place to hang out, relax, and if you can afford to, retire! Then San Francisco, super expensive but great fun, great sights, and so much great food it's insane! You can head to Mammoth or Big Bear if you want to find some skiing and snowboarding, or head to the coast and check out the unique beach towns of Southern California, or even keep going and check out what Mexico has to offer!

Yes, there's a reason everyone wants to live here. It's pretty great, there really is something for everybody in one part of the state or another. I for one plan to live here quite a long time.

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Redwood City

Well of all the places I've been, I'm most in love with my home, California. The golden state is full if diversity, from it's eco system, the weather, people, lifestyles, and the way people think and live their lives. Northern and Southern California offer many activities for families, adventure seekers and outdoorsy people. You can also enjoy a luxurious trip filled with high end shopping and spa days, or even a laid back beach trip or camping in one of the beautiful national parks. No matter the season or budget, California has something special for us all to enjoy. A rich history, and it's only getting started!

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The USA's most populous state is like a small country of its own. Geographically, culturally, and ecologically diverse, it's a place with wild variety -- the glitz of West LA, the crunchy counterculture vibe of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, the gnarly slopes of Lake Tahoe in winter, the stunningly rugged national parks of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, and beaches from the untamed reaches of the far north to surfer's paradise down in San Diego. It's an idea state for first-time visitors to the USA, but even lifelong residents will never run short of new and wonderful things to discover.

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San Francisco

Having lived in a lot of places in my short life, I can safely say at this point that I was meant to be in California (Northern California, that is).

Puerto Vallarta

Uber progressive, California is always pushing the forefront of culture and consciousness. Super hip and health conscious California sets the trends for the rest of the world.

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New York City

In there u can follow your dreams... We love California, sunny, good life, so different to our on the east cost. so good wines and had surf lessons too.


Everything you could ever need, and sometimes more than you would ever want; California is the greatest state in the US. I have never been one to want to settle down and make any one place my home, but if I had to choose it would be right here in California. With such a vast amount of space and a wide variety of things to do, you will never be bored in the golden state.