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From samba dancing to caipirinha cocktails, futebol fanaticism to sultry beaches, the vast South American country is perennially one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. Originally a Portuguese colony, Brazil became an independent nation in 1822 and has been expanding its influence ever since. Brazil's highlights span the country. ... Read more
Some of the world's most electrifying cities are here: Rio is world renowned for its culture and São Paulo for its modernism. The Carnaval celebration rages in these cities, and across the nation, for a week forty days before Easter. Nowhere does the Brazilian culture spill out onto the streets more in northeastern Salvador da Bahia, where the famed music, beaches and restaurants all vie for top spot as best in Brazil. The Amazon basin and jungle has more biodiversity than anywhere in the world, as a full one-tenth of the world's species live in these rain forests. From luxury cruises and day trips from Manaus and tree-top hotels to eco-lodges, there are hundreds of ways to experience the river.

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  • Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor)
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  • Ipanema Beach
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  • Copacabana Beach
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  • Parque Ibirapuera
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There are two principal high seasons in Brazil: the period between Christmas and Carnival (usually late February or early March), with a bump in July and August when local schools have winter vacation and a ... Read more
rush of American and European tourists pour in. The former is by far more enjoyable, as the non-stop parties and liveliness, in addition to the warm summer weather, make this an exciting time to be in the country. The latter has all of the high prices and crowds with none of the spontaneous street dancing or great climate, especially in the south where weeks of rain and low temperatures make it hard to appreciate the country’s famed beaches. Spring and fall can be good shoulder seasons with fewer crowds, lower prices and warmer weather, but not as much happening on the cultural calendar.

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Big cities like Rio and São Paulo are fairly friendly, but some noted to 'Avoid the small cities' and, everywhere you go, to ' look for the communities and neighouthoods in the country that are LGBTQ friendly.' The Northeast regions (Recife, Joao ... Read more
Pessoa, Pipa, Itamaraca) are 'super gay friendly'. In São Paulo, 'visit Rua Augusta [there are a lot of bars, pubs and clubs...for the LGBTQ community'. Many also advised travelers to use caution: 'keep safe, keep together, keep low key'.

Trip by Skyscanner surveyed its LGBTQ Tribe to compile safety tips for this destination. While no one destination is ever completely safe or unsafe, our hope is that this information will allow users to make their own decisions with better information.

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great country, friendly and helpfull people, fascinating amazon river and forrest, fantastic beaches,

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Kiryat Gat

Brazil is the best in South America Very beautiful country good ppl good food just amazing :))))))))

Menlo Park

Brazil is one of my favorite countries in the world! The people here are amazing - so happy and welcoming.


How to review my own mother land? I am a Brazilian expat who traveled the seven seas but nurture an infinite admiration for everything connected to the Brazilian lifestyle,its nature,its food, its people and the language (Portuguese) makes me always say: Sinto saudades !!

Foster City

My second most visited vacation spot after Thailand. Love the amazing diversity of the people in the country, the landscapes, rainforests, beaches and food.

Cape Town

Brazil is energy. It's one gigantic country with a gorgeous countryside and a vibe so unique it makes Brazil one of the best destinations in the world.

In the north there are endless coastlines with beaches that are untouched and pumping cities with millions of residents. You can fly to the city of Manaus in the center and find yourself trekking through the actual Amazon jungle, swimming with piranha and pink dolphin.

Make sure you get to Rio and stroll along the Copa Cabana, walk to Ipanema from there and eat some meat at a churascuria. You'll hear mixed feelings about Sao Paolo but it's an integral part of Brazilian life, they say that Sao Paolo works for the rest of the country and once you see the tall buildings and business people dressed in suits you'll know why. But there's too much going on there not to be sure to go.

Then the south is full of another entirely different set of beaches with a more European vibe and closer to Argentina. To get there take a bus down. Then if you have time, try and get to the Brazilian side of Iguazu falls, the Argentinian side is apparently better, but never the less.

Spend 2 weeks or a 3 months there, just remember that Brazil is huge, it takes hours to get from city to city, and flying internally can add up (you are going far distances). Eat, drink, go out, be social, very very social, give kisses and hugs, and be as open as possible to seizing the day.

Santa Cruz

That's my country. Brazil is a huge country. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are definitely a must go. Florianopolis in my opnion has the best beaches and Rio Grande do Sul the best women hands down

Tel Aviv

Brazil is amazing -- it's huge and diverse and beautiful.The Carnaval is definitely a unique experience, especially if you take part in it and not just watch from the sidelines. I wish i were brave enough to do some of the more risky stuff, but i guess i'd leave exploring the Amazons to the Nat Geo experts... :)

Angra Dos Reis

Just amazing!
I love to visit Brazil and its cities!

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