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The first thing that you should know about Bogota is that while it sits near the equator, don't go there expecting it to be hot, balmy and tropical. That is because the city sits on the side of a mountain at some 8,860 feet in elevation, which means cool temperatures--even in summer. It is also a city of stark contrasts. Visitors to the city ... Read more
encounter century-old plazas and churches shadowed by towering skycrapers, peaceful tree-lined bicycle routes cut through by wild-traffic avenues. Most travelers opt to spend their time in or around historic La Candelaria, a pleasant quarter of cafés, churches and museums, also the home to the most affordable and charming hotels and restaurants.

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Because of its high altitude, Bogotá never has to deal with the tropical temperatures and rains that its sea-level neighbors do. Colombia’s capital remains pleasantly cool, with temperatures mostly in the 60s ... Read more
(15-21C) all year, and although it’s best to travel during the dry season between December and March, if you pack wisely (umbrella, rain jacket, boots) you can visit at almost any time of year. A big draw for tourists is the Carnival of Bogota (August 5 - 6) when rains are light but the festivities are huge.

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  • Andres Carne de Res
    9.248 reviews
    Barbecue, Colombian, Steak House
    Popular withFoodiesNightlife
  • Bogota Beer Company
    8.826 reviews
    Bar, Brewery
    Popular withNightlifeFoodies
  • WOK
    9.916 reviews
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • Crepes & Waffles
    9.115 reviews
    Breakfast & Brunch, Crepe
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies

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Amazing city with so much culture. I stayed here for a month out of three months in Colombia (part of a much larger trip). Stayed in the quirky streets of La Candelaria, met lots of amazing locals who's hospitality is unrivalled, they showed me best spots for both locals and tourists.
Highly recommend a visit here

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everything here is well worth the trip. Colombia is a country of convenience and adventure, Rappi is happy to help with anything you might need without leaving the comfort of your own couch. You can spend a day climbing Monserrate or exploring the many malls. Good food is never far no matter where you are.

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My favorite city. A place to go if you really want to test your Spanish skills. People there are so proud of their city and county. I recommend going to Monserrate to get a breathtaking view of the city. All the food is super economic even in what would be considered expensive restaurants. Also the food is great and the food is fresh. Like any othet city, you have to use common sense and be cautious. I'm sure there is something for anyone to love in Bogotá.

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New York City

There are many sides to Bogotá, a sprawling city and the beating heart of Colombia. As long as you stay centrally located and avoid driving (this city is legendary for its horrendous traffic), you will enjoy its many facets, from the historic center of La Candelaria to the hip and trendy Zona Rosa. Despite its reputation for being unsafe, I found the city to be vibrant and comfortable at all hours of the day, although take precaution at night and keep an eye on your belongings. Bogota may not be the prettiest city at first sight, but dig around and you'll find plenty to love.

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Puerto Vallarta

Bogata is an international hub becoming an increasingly popular connection point between South American and the rest of the world.


intesting city, everthing is good to reach by bus, Shops and bars in every categoriy, for bigger supermarkets you need to go out of the center

Recommended for:Backpackers

Located east of the Andes, Bogota is Colombia's capital and largest city with a population over around seven million. When I was there in 2009, I noticed that the sidewalks and streets were clean, and there seemed to be an armed soldier on just about every street. I loved the city, and would go back if given the chance.

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I would recommend Bogota to anyone! It is a beautiful city with wonderful people and a comfortable climate. There are a variety of things to do and see in this city. While not required it is good to have a basic handle on Spanish before visiting as the majority of people don't speak english

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Foster City

Bogota is very east coast like with brick color buildings and small town European architecture. A city situated on elevation over 8000 ft, full of life, history, culture, food and music!

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The city is beautiful, surrounded by the Andes and full of culture, history, and awesome food. I felt safe everywhere we went, even at night. The best part, though, was the people. Everyone was extremely helpful, even in the less touristy areas.

Recommended for:Adventure TravellersArt & Design LoversBudget TravellersHistory Buffs