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The beautiful state of Alaska is perhaps the last frontier left in America. With vast uninterrupted forests, abundant wildlife and a vibrant traditional native culture, Alaska is one of the best destinations for adventurous travelers. The capital city, Juneau, offers humble cosmopolitan-like entertainment (craft beer, theater, museums) but it also ... Read more
traverses a wide range of wild terrain; Anchorage is far more urban. Want to fish? Alaska’s got so much fish that you’ll have trouble keeping bait on your hook for longer than a single cast. How about rock climbing? Alaska, and its plethora of national and state parks has many jagged cliffs to take on. If you're seeking the cold, snowy, frozen tundra that comes to mind for many, the Prince William Sound and Kenai Peninsula region won't disappoint (don't miss the Kenai Fjords National Park.) Hunters, kayakers and campers ought to find plenty of great spots to enjoy their pastime in Alaska’s expansive undeveloped lands. This largest state in the US offers less hands-on travelers stunning entertainment by simply viewing the scenery from car while touring ether the Alaska highway or the 414 mile long Dalton Highway. There are also a number of cruise operators that explore Alaska’s rugged and frequently icy coast. Couple this natural beauty with amazing and unique feats of nature like the endless daylight during the summer months and the mesmerizing northern lights, and you have a vacation destination that, in spite of it’s reputation, is anything but “cold.”

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  • Mendenhall Glacier
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  • Kenai Fjords National Park
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  • Resurrection Bay
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Anybody but an Eskimo would probably choose to head to Alaska in the summer, when nights are loooong and the temperatures are more, shall we say, welcoming (around 70F in Anchorage). However, winter in Alaska ... Read more
is ripe for discovery, with activities like dogsledding in droves and the opportunity to see the fabled Northern Lights adorning the night sky. Just pack your hat and gloves, as you can expect temperatures not to rise above freezing for your entire visit.

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Alaska is huge and very few Americans from the "lower 48" ever get there or get further than the giant cruise ships in Juneau. There is so much to see. The best way to see it is by train or small plane. Alaskans have planes the way we have cars. It's amazing to see.

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Everyone should plan a trip to Alaska. Many people end up going for the cruise, but I highly suggest just going to Alaska with a car.

Especially during the winter, the sights are just breath-taking. You can even run into moose on the road!

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los angeles

Got to go back to see the northern lights, I missed out cause i went outside the time. But over cool place to visit lots of nature and wildlife.

Menlo Park


Alaska's famous Ididerod is what most people think of when it comes to this unique form of transportation. However, Alaska's official sport gets a whole lot more play throughout the winter, both within the state and abroad, and can be a lot of fun for both novice or experienced sportsman. Historically used as a method to travel and to transport goods through icy terrain, dog sledding (or mushing) today still revolves around the same traditional design: a rider guides a sled pulled by teams of dogs (generally of the adorable Siberian Husky lineage). You'll find various opportunities to try your hand at leading such teams in wintery destinations around the world, from Alaska through Canada to Greenland, Sweden and beyond. But if you are just starting out, stick with a shorter journey out of the gate. The job can be a lot harder than it looks.

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Alaska is a land of extremes. It’s had the coldest temperature recorded in the USA, is the least densely populated State on the largest land, and has the longest coastline. It's attracted diverse people from around the world such as gold and coal miners, oil engineers, and spiritual seekers. There is definitely something spiritual about the great wilderness.

Winter here is definitely not something you should take lightly, but don't let it discourage you from visiting. In fact, Alaska is one of the best places to put on your winter adventure list. From dog mushing (sledding) to Aurora Borealis viewing, Alaska's long and dark winter is filled with exciting adventures.

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We are located 11 miles North of Denali National Park's entrance road. The Wilderness Access Center is where you start your bus tour.


Hey, summer daylight is sixteen hours a day at peak; more daylight for your dollar!

Los Angeles

Words cant even describe how beautiful this place is.... not alot of people think about this place to visit

Kiryat Gat

An amazing place to go in summer Amazing views There are many wild animals i was there 8 years ago it was wonderful :>:))


Alaska feels as American as it does foreign. There's a large secessionist movement there, and it's understandable once you arrive. I went on a cruise with my family, and although I'd prefer taking one of the smaller expedition ships, sailing through the Inland Passage is the way to see the state.