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Where to go in 2019: Skyscanner’s Year-Long Travel Guide

Each month brings different and amazing travel opportunities and holiday destinations depending on where you go in the world. The wave of tourists will come through in different parts of the year, the weather is great in one place at a certain time but not in another, or certain activities are occurring at different points in the year.

Plan with public holidays in mind

It can be a little overwhelming when looking for places to travel. There are 11 Public Holidays in 2019, so take advantage of your time off! If you need some of that ‘where to go’ inspiration, then follow Skyscanner’s guide on where to go in any month of the year!

Where to go for every month of the year

Where to go in January

See the sparkling fireworks in a new country in January! Photo Credit: Mike Gee via Flickr

Remember: January is a colder month for the northern hemisphere and a warmer month in the southern hemisphere (think: Australia). So, plan your trips according to what you’re looking for when it comes to weather. January could also spell the lead-up to Chinese New Year if it falls on this month. Hong Kong is a particularly popular destination in order to watch the city as it celebrates and prepares for the lunar new year. Whether you’re thinking of hitting the slopes, or fancy warmer pastures, January is a time for making fast decisions as any cheap flights you might find will immediately go up.

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Where to go in February

Celebrate CNY this year in a new country! Photo Credit: uggboy via Flickr

February brings the promise of spring weather for most destinations, and most of Europe, like Barcelona and Rome, offer a respite from Singapore humidity. However, we know not everyone likes the cold. So if you’re chasing the sun and want to take advantage of the 25-degree weather in the south, then head off to Perth or sign-up for a beach getaway. Take a loved one, it is the month of love after all, or go solo.

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Where to go in March

Explore Bangkok through a relaxing river cruise! Photo Credit: Bernard Spragg via Flickr

For Singaporeans, there aren’t any major holidays in March, but the weather will be starting to warm up, and the tourist crowds won’t be that thick, so March could be the time to travel for the traveling lone wolf. Have a little time off this March? Take a river cruise and enjoy the warm weather in Bangkok, Thailand; stay indoors at the world’s largest amusement park in Seoul; or enjoy Disneyland in Hong Kong!

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Where to go in April

Check out the cherry blossoms in Japan this April! Photo Credit:
Takayuki Miki via Flickr

April: It’s cherry blossom time! This month is the time to go to Japan or Korea to check out these beautiful and iconic flowers! The weather’s improving in the northern hemisphere, and Easter is coming up, so grab your chance at a long weekend getaway this April! Whether you’re a city-lover, a beach-goer, or a foodie, take your pick from 12 amazing destinations, and an extra bonus: weather info for each location is included!

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Where to go in May

Taste all the amazing dishes in Ho Chi Minh! Photo Credit: Marco Verch via Flickr

Take TWO long weekends in May during Labour Day or Vesak Day and head out on your May holiday adventure! May is simply gorgeous…not too hot just yet and not too cool. If you’re not a hot, summer weather type of person, then May is your month to holiday! Take advantage of the dry season in Vietnam and go crazy in the food markets in Ho Chi Minh! And, since May is not a busy tourist time, then, the crowds will be thinner too–an added bonus!

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Where to go in June

Take your family to see a city-wide view of Melbourne. Photo Credit: Roderick Eime via Flickr

School holidays have finally arrived! So, university students and families will abound in the tourist crowds this month. In Singapore in June, there is a lovely week off for Hari Raya Puasa, and there are plenty of great places to go during June. If you’re traveling with a family, check out the family-friendly destinations such as Bali, with its Bali’s Treetop Adventure!

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Where to go in July

Relax on the beach in San Francisco this summer! Photo Credit: TheFriendlyFiend via Flickr

July is a summer holiday for the northern hemisphere, and in many countries there, it will be warm if not very hot! If you’re a beach-goer, a current student, or don’t mind a lot of tourists, July is your month to travel! Up north, it’s beach weather, so, lay out on the beach in San Francisco, or if you want to cool down this July, fly down to Auckland for museums, galleries, and more!

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Where to go in August

Party it up at Barcelona’s Music el Parcs in August. Photo Credit: Spencer Means via Flickr

August is still a warm month as well as a school holiday, so the tourist destinations will still be buzzing with people! Join in with the crowd this month and celebrate National Day from the 9th-12th, and head off to a fresh, warm, new destination like Barcelona’s Musica el Parcs.

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Where to go in September

Warm up in Dubai this September! Photo Credit: Wilerson S Andrade via Flickr

September is one of the best months to travel because it’s still warm in many places, but the school year has begun so many travelers and tourists aren’t abroad. Why not check out the beautiful beaches, deserts, and amazing malls in Dubai? Make the perfect end to your summer with a choice from our 12 September destinations.

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Where to go in October

Spend October among the fall leaves in Japan! Photo Credit: MIKI Yoshihito via Flickr

Looking for a great place to go over the 4-day weekend for Deepavali? Celebrate Halloween in style this month! In Europe and Asia, it will start to be getting a little cool, but the southern hemisphere will be heading into their summer! Streets will be filled with art and music festivals as well as Halloween parties. Head to Sapporo to see the beautiful fall colors or party it up for Halloween in Tokyo!

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Where to go in November

Relax with the ocean in view in Chennai. Photo Credit: Flying Cloud via Flickr

Enjoy the relaxing and quiet month of November! You could take a trip to warm, romantically rainy Chennai, India or check out the pre-Christmas sights in historic London! November is cool and relatively tourist-free, so it’s a great time for the traveler seeking respite from the crowds!

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Where to go in December

Spend your December holidays wandering through the Christmas markets in Germany! Photo Credit: fhwrdh via Flickr

December will be one of the busiest tourist months of the year as many countries prepare to celebrate the Christmas holidays and New Year’s; schools are off, and travelers are grabbing their tickets to visit families. Enjoy a relaxing holiday away from home! It will be mostly cool or cold up north but delightfully in the middle of summer in the south. If you want more of a traditional Christmas vibe, head to Europe. If you’re a snow sports fan, check out the slopes in Japan or Korea. Or if you’re a beach-lover, fly down south to Australia or Indonesia!

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Skyscanner Tips & Advice

Now, that you know where to go on your holiday in 2019, it’s time to get planning! Use Skyscanner as your guide to plan your whole adventure from start to finish.

Take advantage of long weekends and squeeze in a little travel wherever you can this year!

1. Get the Skyscanner app

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2. Create a Skyscanner account

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  • How to set up Price Alerts:
    • Add in your origin, destination, and dates you wish to travel
    • You will see a bell icon in the bottom   corner of your screen
    • Tap this icon and create your price alert
    • Once you’ve activated Price Alerts, you’ll receive notifications if the price rises or drops to book at the right time. You can turn off these notifications and remove your price alert at any time.

If you’re still not decided on which amazing destination to head to this year, then make use of Skyscanner’s Everywhere Search! Type “Everywhere” on the app. We’ll get you the cheapest flights to the most popular destinations sorted according to price. Instant travel inspiration!

  • How to do an everywhere search:
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    • Choose from a whole list of destinations organized by price and by country

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Originally published in January 2019. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.