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The best Japan SIM cards for your next holiday

Travelling around Japan is a lot easier if you buy a prepaid SIM card ahead of time. But which Japan SIM card should you choose? Skyscanner picks 3 of the best SIM card options, so you don't need to do the hard work.

When buying a prepaid SIM card in Japan, it’s worth keeping in mind that most cards only offer data packages with no voice call options. To register and collect your SIM card, make sure you show your passport and Japan entry stamp. Quite a few Airbnb hosts in Tokyo provide portable Wi-Fi routers for their guests, so if you’re staying at an Airbnb it’s worth looking into before your trip. Still need a Japan SIM card? Check out our top picks below:

Name of card How much? Data Other
NTT Communications: 7 days JPY3218 (S$39) 100MB per day Purchase at Prepaid SIM Card Vending Machine in Narita Airport
b-Mobile Visitor SIM JPY3480 (S$42) 5GB, valid for 21 days Pick up at airport or get it delivered to your hotel.
COMST Data SIM JPY3780 (S$46) 3GB, valid for 30 days Can be recharged at convenience stores or bought at Yodobashi Camera stores in Tokyo.

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