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Maximise your 2020 Chinese New Year holiday

The 2020 Chinese New Year is great news to all Singaporeans. Falling on the 25th (Sat) and 26th (Sun) of January, making it a 3-day long weekend - great time to travel. Flight tickets might be expensive since it's a popular time to be away, but there are still savings to be made if you book your flight and hotel earlier.

When to book Chinese New Year flights?


To start, let’s look at how much the return-flight fares fluctuated as we approached CNY earlier this year in 2019. Majority of the destinations below saw spikes in January with Bangkok as the only odd exception. Below is our best time to book for some top destinations during Chinese New Year.

Where to go?

Take leave on the Eve of CNY (24th January) and you can enjoy a 4-day vacation. If you have to celebrate the festivities on 初一 (chūyī) but are free from the second day of the Lunar New Year, then take leave on the 28th to 31st to enjoy an 8-day holiday.

Those who don’t celebrate CNY can take a 3-days short getaway! 

Destinations for a 5 or 6-day holiday

Perfect for a short getaway with friends, your significant other, or even solo:

Destinations Return Fares (Avg Prices)*
Bangkok From SGD242
Taipei From SGD299
Hong Kong From SGD306
Hanoi From SGD331
Yangon From SGD335

Ideas for a 9-day holiday

For a longer travel period, you can consider spending a bit more time at the places listed above, or travel further and get more bang for your buck:

Destinations Return Fares (Avg Prices)*
Melbourne From SGD488
Sydney From SGD567
Seoul From SGD677
Tokyo From SGD519
Osaka From SGD494

Don’t waste your 2019 leaves, so check out long weekend trips you can take in 2019 to book your holiday now.

Still don’t know where to go this Chinese New Year? Go Everywhere!


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