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2019 January cheap flight deals

Racking your brains on where to go in 2019? We've pulled some of the best cheap flights in January to start the year on the right note!

Best short-haul flight deals in January

Destination City Travel in Return fares from
Taipei June Taipei From $274
Hong Kong March Hong Kong From $234
Seoul April Seoul From $645
Tokyo February Tokyo From $518
Osaka March Osaka From $507
Kuala Lumpur March Kuala Lumpur From $96
Bali March Bali From $146
Phuket June Phuket From $157
Manila March Manila From $200
Bangkok June Bangkok From $146

The Public Holiday, Good Friday brings a long weekend as it falls on Friday, 19 April 2019. Add a few more days of leave and you’re set up for a perfect travel date. Seoul, anyone?

Best long-haul flight deals in January

Destination city Travel in Return fares from
Athens Febuary Athens From $662
Berlin April Berlin From $725
London March London From $736
Sydney March Sydney From $387
Melbourne April Melbourne From $413
Paris April Paris From $1227
Honolulu March Honolulu From $843
Amsterdam March Amsterdam From $918

If you’re planning your trip beyond January, flights to London and Sydney are looking good for March. But if you really want to get the best deals, subscribe to our Price Alerts to get real-time notifications when prices change.

Tips for finding cheap flights for January 2019 using Skyscanner

1. Get the Skyscanner app

Easy, fast, and simple. Find cheap travel deals for January 2019 on the app – available for Anrdoid and iOS.  You can also track your own flights, create price alerts for your preferred travel dates, and explore new destinations. 

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2. Create a Skyscanner account

We get it. Sometimes you just need to quickly look prices up. That’s why the our app is setup so you can use it right away. But, you can get so much more by signing up – create custom price alerts, weekly tips, and access cheap flights.

Skyscanner app easy log-in screenshot

3. Setup price alerts

Screenshot of how to create alerts on the skyscanner app

Don’t you just wish that you’d get notified the moment air fares drop? Wish granted! Never miss out when prices drop with price alerts. Just tap the bell icon and we’ll let you know exactly when prices change. You can turn off price alerts any time you want.

4. Try Everywhere search

When the urge for a vacation comes and you have no idea where to go,  type “Everywhere” on the app. We’ll get you the cheapest flights to the most popular destinations sorted according to price. Instant travel inspiration!

Screenshot of the Skyscanner app everyday search

5. Save on car rental by booking in advance

The app remembers your flight dates so when you search for cheap car rentals from Singapore, everything is already filled-out for you. Just let us know what kind of car you want and your preferred pickup times and we’ll find you the perfect ride.

6. Always find the cheapest hotels

Compare the hotel prices from major online travel agencies and the official rates from the actual hotels in one place. No more multiple tabs, no more confusion, just straight-up best rates!