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Get to know the various credit card promotions available for banks like DBS, UOB and Citibank. You don’t want to lose out on great cashbacks! is a popular go-to site for travellers searching for a place to stay – be it hostels, five-star hotels, villas, apartments, vacation homes… or a treehouse. Offering millions of listings in over 150,000 destinations worldwide, is a place where travellers can find a stay that meets their budget and preferences.

To get your money’s worth for your booking, however, you could keep an eye out for ongoing credit card promotions. On top of that, keep your options open – websites like Agoda and Expedia serve the same purpose as, though prices can vary depending on where you’re looking.

Can’t be bothered to run through multiple websites just to find the best prices? We have a solution for you. Simplify your search with one stop: Skyscanner. Here at Skyscanner, we help you search the world’s hotel suppliers – including – so you can have the best option at your fingertips.

What will be covered:

How to find the best deals on Skyscanner

It’s quite simple, really!

Like any other hotel booking platform, you should make a search for your destination (or a specific hotel) on your travel dates. You can even utilise filters such as prices, guest ratings and hotel star ratings to narrow down your options.

What’s special on the Skyscanner search, however, is that we’ll give you multiple prices – each corresponding to an online travel agency (OTA) like, Agoda, Expedia and, as well as the official website of the accommodation.

Here are some destinations to get you started

DestinationHotels From
Johor Bahru$47
Kuala Lumpur$87
Ho Chi Minh City$110
Hong Kong$198

Prices accurate as of 24 May 2019 and are subject to change

This way, you are able to zoom into the best website to make your bookings. Skyscanner will redirect you to your chosen website where you can take advantage of special discounts. In the case of, its loyalty programme offers “Genius” members discounts for thousands of properties worldwide. On top of that, you can avail of any Booking com credit card promotions that are relevant to your wallet – more on that below!

Clearly, you get to reap many rewards when you download the Skyscanner app. If you need to clarify any doubts about making a booking on Skyscanner, go through this list of FAQs.

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credit card promotions has partnerships with many major banks in Singapore. Instead of direct discounts or promo codes, however, most of the promotions involve cashbacks.

Credit cards that offer rewards on

BankPromotionBooking Period
DBSUp to 10% cashbackUntil  31 July 2020
CitibankUp to 10% cashbackUntil 31 Mar 2021
UOBUp to 10% cashbackUntil 30 May 2019
CIMBUp to 10% cashbackUntil 31 May 2019
Maybank8% cashbackUntil 31 July 2019
OCBC6.6% cashback (though RebateMango)Until  31 Dec 2019
AmexFree one-year Genius membershipUntil 31 Mar 2020

As a quick summary, the banks that offer the biggest cashback of 10% are DBS, Citibank, UOB and CIMB. Maybank and OCBC offer cardholders 8% and 6.6% cashbacks respectively, while Amex cardholders can receive a free one-year Genius membership.

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DBS credit card promotion – up to 10% cashback

Did you know that DBS/POSB cardholders can get up to 10% cashback on their accommodation bookings?

To redeem this offer, you’ll have to visit the landing page on, log in, select your accommodation of choice, enter your details, and on the reservation page, ensure that the consent box which allows to share your credit card information with its fulfilment partner is ticked. Of course, the payment has to be made with a DBS/POSB Mastercard or Visa credit card. Once you’ve completed your stay, the cashback will be credited to your billing statement within 65 days.

This promotion is valid until 31 July 2020. Find out more about this credit card promotion on DBS.

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Citibank credit card promotion – up to 10% cashback

Similar to the DBS promotion above, Citibank cardholders are entitled to up to 10% cashback with any Citi Card issued in Singapore.

To redeem this offer, search for your accommodation of choice through the landing page on Follow the usual steps to find your accommodation of choice. On the reservation page, do not untick the consent box that allows to share the credit card information with the third-party provider for the processing of the cashback. Also, ensure that payment is made with the eligible card, either via the booking link or at the accommodation. The cashback will be credited to your card within 65 days of the completion of your stay.

This promotion is valid until 31 March 2021. Find out more about this credit card promotion on Citibank.

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UOB credit card promotion – up to 10% cashback

UOB cardholders too can receive a 10% cashback for their accommodation on

To redeem this offer, book through the landing page and use the eligible UOB credit card to pay at the accommodation. Note that properties that don’t accept credit cards as a mode of payment are not eligible. The cashback will be credited to your billing statement within 30 to 60 business days upon completion of your stay.

This promotion is valid until 30 May 2019. Find out more about this credit card promotion on UOB.

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CIMB credit card promotion – 10% cashback

Say yes to 10% cashbacks with CIMB!

To redeem this offer, visit this landing page, log in or register, and select your hotels. Input your details and your CIMB credit card number at the reservation page. You can pay for your accommodation online or at the property using the same card. The cashback will be credited to your card after 65 days from the check-out date.

The promotion is valid until 31 May 2019 for stays until 30 December 2020. Find out more about this credit card promotion on CIMB.

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Maybank credit card promotion – 8% cashback

Maybank’s 8% cashback is lower than the banks listed above, but it’s certainly better than nothing!

To redeem this offer, log in or register at this landing page. Go through the motions to select your hotel, then enter your details and your Maybank card on the reservation page. Ensure that the consent box to use Maybank credit card for the booking is ticked, and when making your payment at the hotel, use the same credit card. The cashback will be credited to your Maybank credit card after 65 days from the check-out date.

This promotion is valid until 31 July 2019. Find out more about this credit card promotion on Maybank.

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OCBC credit card promotion – 6.6% cashback through RebateMango

If you own an OCBC card, you can also enjoy cashbacks for hotel bookings. However, note that the process is slightly different than the aforementioned banks.

To redeem this offer, you’ll have to use RebateMango, an e-shopping platform that partners with online merchants to give users cashbacks. Typically, users on RebateMango can get a 6% cashback of their purchase on No account yet? OCBC cardholders who sign up for an account through this link can receive 10% additional cashback on all merchants, including, for one year. This additional 10% is applied to the existing cashback of 6%, so it’s essentially 0.6% extra, making up the 6.6% cashback. This cashback will be credited into your RebateMango account upon 90 days of the completion of your stay. It can be withdrawn after you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $10.

This promotion is valid until 31 December 2019. Find out more about this credit card promotion on OCBC.

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Amex credit card promotion – Complimentary one-year Genius membership

In this tie-up with American Express, offers cardmembers complimentary one-year Genius Membership. As mentioned, Genius is’s loyalty programme. Anyone who has an account and has made at least two bookings are subscribed to a free Genius membership which gives discounts and savings. If you own an Amex card and have yet to be a Genius member, you can bypass the two bookings required to be one.

To activate your complimentary Genius Membership, go to this signup page and input your American Express Card Number. Then, proceed to the landing page and log in to your Genius account. While searching for accommodation, you’ll be able to view the Genius savings within the search results.

This promotion is valid until 31 March 2020. Find out more about this credit card promotion on Amex.

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The three steps for getting the best accommodation prices credit card promotions are an excellent way to get rebates on your spendings. That said, before making any reservation, it’s always good to have a full picture by taking these three steps:

Step 1: For the accommodation you’ve chosen, check the prices listed on different sites by using the Skyscanner hotel search as a comparison tool.

Step 2: Check out what promo codes and card discounts are applicable to you. You can view the credit card promos available on Agoda and Expedia.

Step 3: Do the maths to figure out which website and travel credit card give the greatest reward.

Then, you can sit back and smile as you book, knowing that you’ve covered all the bases to get you the best possible deal out there.

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