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6 ways Skyscanner’s latest Flights app makes travel easier

Get the best deals with our latest Flights app, now available on iOS and Android. Whether you’ve been arrowed the task of planning the next group holiday, or just wishing you could escape the haze, Skyscanner’s new and improved Flights app will make finding the best tickets as easy as ABC.

Let's go everywhere

We heard you, and we’ve worked hard to include your feedback in this upgrade. With this shiny new version, you can look forward to cool new features and improved favourites that make the experience of searching for and booking flights even better.

Despite its recent facelift, it still provides you with the same service – the power to search, compare and book millions of flights right at your fingertips. Here are the new features we’re pretty proud of:

1. Top offers

We now have a section of the app dedicated to showing you the best deals from budget airlines to a variety of destinations. A feature perfect for budget travellers and anyone booking a spontaneous weekend getaway – this way you can find cheap flights without typing a thing!

2. Colour-coded calendar and graph

We’ve given our calendar and graphs a new coat of paint so you can tell straight away which days offer the cheapest flights. Avoid booking on red days, amber means it’s not the best fare but you won’t have to sell a kidney, while green is basically screaming "chiong ah, book now!"

3. Push notifications for Price Alerts

Our iOS app users thought the push notifications for price alerts were great, so we’re sharing the love with our Android users as well! Now, all you have to do to get the cheapest fare is sit back and relax, until you receive a notification that prices have changed.

4. Searching Everywhere made simple

Suffering from wanderlust but haven’t a clue where to go? We’ve refreshed our popular search "Everywhere” function with a new design layout, making it painfully easy to browse for different flights to destinations you may not have even thought possible. Search everywhere, get inspired, find the best deals and book your next flight out. Who knows where you’ll end up?

5. Recent searches saved to your home screen

You’re one click away from making your booking… when the MRT goes underground and you lose your 4G connection. With the new Flights app, have no fear of unstable data connections! All your recent searches will be right there waiting for you on the home screen when you next access the app, so you can continue from where you left off.

Pro tip: when you’re logged in, this information gets synced across all devices.

6. Better filters for better results

We recognise that cheapest doesn’t always mean the best flight for you – maybe you don’t want a 12-hour layover on your way to Paris, or you want to fly at a later time in order to avoid having to take leave from work to get to the airport. With that in mind, we’ve built a Skyscanner rating based on three factors: price, flight duration and number of stops. On top of price and duration, flights can now also be filtered by this new rating, which highlights the shortest and cheapest flights, or by departure and arrival times.

Let's go everywhere

Can’t wait to use the spanking brand new Skyscanner flights app? If you haven’t already downloaded our flights app, head over to Apple App Store or Google Play today! Existing users will receive a notification to update the app to the latest version. Until then, the old app will continue to work, but you’ll miss out on all the cool new stuff. So why wait?

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