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6 souvenirs your dad will not be expecting for Father’s Day

Think of all that your father has given you over the years. It’s only natural that you want to give him something in return. But what to buy for Father's Day? He has enough neckties already, and he’s trying to lose weight, so the sweet snacks are out. This year to celebrate, try giving dad a gift that will catch him by surprise and maybe even make him laugh! Skyscanner highlights these rad and awesome souvenirs from around the world that show dad that you love him in unconventional ways.

1. Tar Syrup, Finland

Tar Syrup (known to locals as Terva Sirippii) is a strange concoction. Some have described it as maple syrup from hell. It is versatile though; made from pine syrup, with a smoky and sweet flavour, this stuff can be used on pancakes and waffles, squirted on ice cream, or even mixed in cocktails. This year, if you’re heading to Europe, consider gifting dad for Father’s Day with a bottle of this and breakfast in bed.

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A big ship on the water in front of some colourful Scandinavian architecture.
Finland will wow you!

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2. Snake wine, Vietnam

If you are travelling to Southeast Asia this year, why not pick up a bottle of booze with a real live (dead) cobra inside for your tough-guy dad who loves danger? Vietnamese snake wine is not for the faint-of-heart, nor is it for ophidiophobes, but your father will love having a conversation piece like this to stash away in his liquor cabinet. If he enjoys telling stories, he can even claim credit for catching the poor snake and bottling it himself. Cheers for Father’s Day!

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A few bottles of snake wine
Have a drink or two with dad this Father’s Day.

3. Qiviut Nachaq, Alaska

Sometimes, if your dad’s coworkers get a little overzealous with the air conditioner, his head may get a little cold. This Alaskan head cover is perfect for situations like these. What makes it so unusual? It’s made from musk ox fur, taken from the soft underbelly of the beast. Never scratchy, never irritating, this miraculous fur is something like the Angora of the arctic. It’s also a genuine cultural artefact made by native Alaskans, and each village has its own unique signature that can be found in the masks. Even if your father never leaves Singapore, he will appreciate the gesture.

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A moose in a lake surrounded by greenery and mountains
Alaska is not just snow and igloos.

4. Poking Box Game, Japan

If you’re worried about how much time your father spends playing Candy Crush, you can get him this interactive alternative. It’s something like a tamagotchi that you can poke with a digital finger that represents your actual finger in a glorious 8-bit animation. Five different game modes will keep your dad occupied for hours at a time and not only on Father’s Day. Ah Japan, you never cease to amaze.

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The busy cross walk junction in Shibuya
You can shop til you drop in Japan but don’t forget to get something for dad!

5. Elephant Dung Coffee, Thailand

Civet cats are no longer the coffee kings of the animal kingdom; elephants are now trying to cut into their territory. Unlike civet cats, elephants are herbivores, and when they eat coffee beans, these beans actually get fermented. The end result is a unique and flavourful taste that your java junkie dad will really appreciate. Or he’ll just save it to serve when you come to visit him to celebrate Father’s Day.

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A gorgeous and traditional temple in Thailand
Thailand has lots of treasures.

6. Kangaroo Scrotum Bottle Opener, Australia

Heading to Australia this year? Well, here’s an idea: … Actually, the less said about this one the better. For a certain type of dad this Father’s Day, the Kangaroo Scrotum Bottle Opener. There must be plenty for dad to celebrate.

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The sunset by a cliff near the ocean
Discover and daydream in Australia while getting dad something special.

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Article originally published on 22 May 2015, updated 25 May 2016.