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5 ways to experience Penang that you might not have known about

Where to go for the best food in Malaysia? Penang has established quite a reputation for being the go-to food haven. While many of the famous eateries are located along Gurney Drive, there's still plenty to see and do around this beautiful city. Check out Skyscanner's list of 5 interesting things to do around Penang.

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1. Delight in a secret picnic at Muka Head

For a mesmerising slice of nature, make your way down to the National Park in Penang. Although touted as one of the smallest national parks in the world, you may be able to find a boat operator who will take you to the beautiful island of Muka Head for a private barbecue seafood lunch. While you’re in the area, it’s worth exploring the Turtle Sanctuary that’s located on Pantai Kerachut – just tell your friendly boat operator you want to go there after that private lunch.

2. Hop on a rickshaw

Penang is filled with little secrets and the best way to unlock these is via the locals. Imagine your very own guide to Penang on wheels – hop onto a rickshaw and soak in the beautiful sights of heritage buildings in this city while a local explains to you the significance of each of them. Take his or her suggestions on where to go for lunch, what to see and what to experience because the locals obviously know the place best!

3. Savour the king of all fruits

Singaporeans love their durians and we know this because we’re willing to queue up and pay top dollar for a taste of this fruit. Go beyond your usual Mao Shan Wang indulgence and head to Penang’s morning wet markets and the durian truck along Love Lane for some affordable and fantastic durians. Get a taste of the Little Red (a blusher version of the Red Prawn) durian while you’re here too!

4. Try a glass of Toddy

No trip to Penang is complete without trying a locally-concocted alcoholic beverage made from the flower of the coconut and sugar palm: Toddy. If you’re a little skeptical about this beverage, then go down to Ong Cheng Huat Seafood for some of this beverage and a nice seafood lunch. Prefer more things to do along the way? Make your way down to Market Lane in Georgetown and pop into one of many shops to quench your thirst!

5. Get spooked out in Penang

Take a walk (or a guided tour) along some of the spookiest places in Penang. If you are feeling a little ballsy, opt for an overnight camp at the Penang War Museum (Batu Maung) – an old time WWII site during the Japanese invasion. Otherwise, check out the Hundred Years Mansion in Relau where a temple that is built nearby is believed to keep the evil spirits in.

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Whilst savouring the smorgasbord of cuisines is important in Penang, exploring the city with a local and going off the beaten path can be an interesting experience too. Remember to book your flights, hotels and car rental with Skyscanner to always get the best deals available! Download the free mobile app to book on-the-go as well.

Article originally published on 6 July 2015, updated on 13 May 2016.