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5 tips to explore Bangkok in more ways than you can imagine

Bangkok is one of the most popular travel destinations that Singaporeans love – it’s affordable (especially after getting that cheap flight on Skyscanner), it has amazingly delicious food, and there is plenty of shopping that can be done. Forget about what you already know; Skyscanner proposes some things to do in Bangkok so you can uncover this city in ways you might not have tried or never knew!

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1. Get around on a bicycle

Move over, Tuk Tuks and taxis – the two-wheel ride reemerges as the new choice of transportation. With more bicycle rental options like Pun Pun Bike Share sprouting around the city, plus an increasing number of bike tours such as the Historical Night Ride by Velo Thailand, it’s no wonder exploring Bangkok on a bicycle is something to try next. You can even explore the Phra Pradaeng peninsula and overgrown Mangrove plantations with local bike operators like Follow Me Bangkok Bicycle Tours.

Green bicycles lined up

Learn and see more of the city on a bicycle!

2. Visit peculiar, off-beaten places

Bored of the usual hangouts? How about some of the more quirky places in Bangkok? Located near the Swissotel Nai Lert Park is a rare chance to see the biggest gathering of phallic offerings at Bangkok’s Tubtim Phallic Shrine, which is dedicated to the spirit of Chao Mae Tubtim. It is believed that the shrine bestows fertility upon women who offer these wooden carvings. Yearning for something even more bizarre? Braver travellers can head to the Bangkok Forensic Museum that contains gruesome specimens of human corpses and dissected bodies. Definitely a new side to exploring Bangkok!

Bangkok's Phallic Shrine

Pray for fertility at the Bangkok’s Tubtim Phallic Shrine. Photo credit: Anne / Flickr

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3. Savour real local street food

If Thai food means a plate of piping hot Pad Thai or Pineapple Rice (allegedly not authentic Thai cuisine, by the way), then you’re missing out on what the locals eat. Head down to Ratchathewee BTS and find yourself a plate of Goong Ten, which translates into ‘Dancing Shrimps’! Wrapped inside a piece of lime leaf, the raw shrimps are still alive and bursting (pun intended) with flavours! In the evening, walk outside the famous Central World and follow the scent to find Pla Pao – grilled snakehead fish stuffed with lemongrass.

Pla Pao, grilled fish found on Thai streets

Pla Pao, grilled fish found on Thai streets.

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4. Live on Broadway at unexpected hotels

Luxury hotels in Bangkok are highly affordable and there is no lack of cheap accommodation around. However, instead of staying at the usual places, why not check out alternative areas such as Thonglor? The Playhaus Thonglor is a 20-room boutique hotel that is reminiscent of key Broadway shows like “Romeo and Juliet” and “Mary Poppins”. In need of caffeine? Café-hop around the hotel to find some of Bangkok’s best cafés located nearby.

Address: 205/22-23 Sukhumvit soi 55 (Thonglor) Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand, Rooms start at: S$63 Getting there: Thonglor BTS Website here: Playhaus Thonglor

Book Playhaus Thonglor

Dark mysterious hotel lobby

A chic and dramatic boutique hotel. Photo Credit: Playhaus Thonglor

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5. Shop with the locals at uncharted areas

Of course, if you really have to shop, then do note that Pratunam isn’t the epitome of local shopping. Located in Wang Lang, which is accessible via the river boat, the hidden gem of Talad Naew Naew offers authentic street food and even better bargains on clothes. In fact, quite unlike Chatuchak Weekend Market, you will probably notice that the locals are the majority here, and this is a popular haunt for Thai university students too. Be prepared to point and gesture a lot, though, because most signs here do not feature a single word of English.

lady's head popping out of hanged clothes

Shop like a local, with the locals, and where the locals do.

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Originally published in May 2015 and updated in August 2016. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.