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You can now find and book flights, hotels and car rental using our all-in-one travel app. With new features, it is now even easier to find the best travel deals and make reservations, hassle-free. Plus, there are no booking fees or hidden charges – just the best price.

New Features

• Explore ‘Everywhere’: Get inspired for your next weekend getaways, by means of cheapest flight prices.
• Multi-city Search: Compare and book your multiple-destination itinerary with just one simple search.
• Calendar & Price Chart: Find the cheapest times to fly across a month with our colour coded calendar or price chart.
• Price Alerts: Get notified when flight prices change.
• Share: Found a great deal? Share it with friends and family easily.
• Destination Review: Get more information about your destination through the eyes of other travellers like you.
• Travel Wallet: Store your travel and loyalty card details securely for an easier booking experience.
• Trip notification: Sign up for an account to receive timely and useful notifications – like when check-in counters open, flight delay updates or when there’s a change of gate.
• Hotel & Car Rental Search: Search thousands of hotels and car rental options at once to save time during booking.

Loved and trusted by travellers

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Skyscanner has been awarded the ‘Best Travel App’ and ‘Best Travel Meta Search’ by TripZilla Excellence Award. We’ve also been rated the Google Play Editor’s Choice for travel app.
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