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Big hair, scandal, and flashy spending are lingering impressions of this Texan city left over from the 1980s TV show. In reality, Dallas does offer loads of shopping and you can certainly see the upper crust at play uptown and on McKinney Ave. Delving a bit deeper than the stereotypes, …

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CJ Johnson
CJ Johnson

the airport! The friendliest airport and easiest to use, by far. I've traveled extensively and absolutely love Dallas and the people.

Lindsay W
Lindsay W

Public transportation is awesome here, I NEVER have to rent a car. Tons of good restaurants and breweries. Deep Ellum is a must!

Alex Tanner
Alex TannerSt. Louis

Awesome place to visit and explore some amazing food venues not to mention craft beer!

Becky Bates
Becky BatesSan Diego

It's hard for me to give an accurate portrayal of this city, because when I visited it was Memorial Day and it seemed the entire city had shut down. There are a ton of places to see, theoretically, but apparently not on a national holiday. :) However, it's a lively place that still manages to maintain a pretty down-to-earth vibe (in most neighborhoods), and they loooove their BBQ.

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