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United Kingdom
If you were forced to pick one city to be a tourist in for a whole year, London might very well be your best choice. In London, you'd probably run into a citizen of just about every country on the planet and you'd eat a good deal of their cuisines, …

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@Ieathalalandtravel Instagram  @Ieathalalandtravel Instagram
@Ieathalalandtravel Instagram @Ieathalalandtravel Instagram

The people are extremely friendly. We will find good and bad every where we go in the world. I love the multi culturalism in the UK. Great food and restaurants

Charlyn  Dwenger
Charlyn Dwenger

I was three days with my bff there and I loved it so much! We hadn’t much budget, but it was amazing anyway. For the Underground I would buy the Oyster Card! It’s much cheaper than buy every time a new ticket.

Jessica  Tames
Jessica Tames

It was raining and cold but we still got to walk around and sightsee. There are tons of cute/hip restaurants to go to.

Caitlin Lane
Caitlin Lane

London is my absolute favorite place to visit!! I’ve been twice so far and can’t wait to plan my third trip soo! There’s always more to see and do, especially outside of the city.

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