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United Kingdom
If you were forced to pick one city to be a tourist in for a whole year, London might very well be your best choice. In London, you'd probably run into a citizen of just about every country on the planet and you'd eat a good deal of their cuisines, …

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Reviews of London

Joydev Bhattacharjee
Joydev Bhattacharjee

Oh the views,the smell,the colours,the history,the monuments,the people.Its London,what more do I say!Go see it if it's the last thing you do!

Jean Smith
Jean Smith

Flying out of Heathrow is fab-food, shopping and people watching. Going through customs there sucks

Tom K
Tom K

Something for everyone. Don’t just go to the center the best bits are hidden a little way out.

Julianne R
Julianne R

It was so beautiful! Everything there wasn’t crazy expensive either so you will be able to no spend too much. Also, the public transportations amazing! You’ll be able to get everywhere without a car.

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