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Today Istanbul remains as one of the world’s greatest cultural landmarks. Historically, the city has acted as the meeting place of eastern and western culture and the sight of countless power struggles throughout history. Straddling the Bosphorus strait connecting the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea, the city once …

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Reviews of Istanbul

Moussa  K
Moussa K

I loved it! My favorite area is sultanahmet early in the morning before tourists crowd the place. It's magical

Raana Balalzadeh
Raana Balalzadeh

I spent 4 days there, for my SAT exam, l really enjoyed the culture and the history, street food was great and people were so kind, I definitely recommend visiting Istanbul to everyone, especially people who like history

Khairul Iman Nazari
Khairul Iman Nazari

Everyone will fall in love with Turkey. An absolute location for your holiday

Sandra B
Sandra B

Value for money! Even if you stay two weeks or more you have always something new to explore. Magnificent city, you feel welcome all the time. City that you will return in for certain.

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