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South Korea
Ever since Seoul’s meteoric rise to global prominence in the late 20th century, the South Korean capital has gained recognition for its sleekness, nightlife and size. However, some of Seoul’s most prized possessions unfortunately get lost in the shuffle and vacationers to this 'Asian tiger' should check out Seoul’s softer …

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Reviews of Seoul

nr sya
nr sya

I really enjoyed going to seoul ! You can do alot of things such as shopping , hiking , wearing hanbok etc ! Will def recommend going sthere !!

Ms. Z K-R
Ms. Z K-R

Every place we went in Korea are the best. I want to go back to the point I want to live there with my family ❤️

Lya Lisieux
Lya Lisieux

Seoul is great destination for travel, foods were amazing, awesome sceneries.

Abbie Dolatre
Abbie Dolatre

Been to Seoul twice and both experiences left me wanting to come back as soon as I can!

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