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While Paris sometimes feels like a caricature of its own romantic perfection, the real Paris doesn't start to come alive until you interact with it in person. Start by smiling back enigmatically at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre . Then assess the grand Champs-Élysees and other boulevards from atop …

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Reviews of Paris

Jesus A
Jesus A

It is packed. A taxi driver said that there are twice as many tourists as their population that visit every day. But, there is a reason for all that. The food is incredible, the place is littered landmarks and statues throughout. The only thing you’ll regret is leaving early. I’m going to revisit the discussion about food as I don’t think I touched on it enough. My mouth is watering just thinking about macaroons and other pastries.

Renita J
Renita J

It was horrible. When i arrived airport, even no pocces imigrate. So i just go out lol. And im using rer b line but no one help, and the staff is just yelling too much. when i arrived metro and i try only few minutes opened the phone. And suddenly robber trrigrt gun my head. So luckrly my card and passport in my neck purse and in my cloth. There street really many peoples and so many texi driver in there. But they just look, nothing help. So i just too feel bad and they too rude. And im too luckily meeting Brazilian familly, so they are go with me my hostel. And next day im just go another country. Yea paris so cutures focus in the earth. But they goverment, and not safy and if possible i die, what dosnt care abt art? Art more valuable than humanity? It is too bad experiences. Its problem goverment.that not reason that only accept nother peoples. Goverment do not make any solu security ser

Marilee McClure
Marilee McClure

Paris is as beautiful and amazing as everyone says. I wish I could live there!

Bartek S
Bartek S

The best thing was my kind friends who I met in Paris. Always willing to help!

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