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El Salvador
Sprawled at the foot of towering Volcán San Salvador, the often shaky seismic terrain of El Salvador's capital earned it the name “Valle de las Hamacas”, or Valley of the Hammocks. It's history marred by earthquakes and revolutionaries, the San Salvador of today is being shaped anew as a modern …

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Things to see and do in San Salvador

daggerquill | FlickrJoya de Ceren Archaeological Site
Joya de Ceren Archaeological Site
Maggie Li | Trip by SkyscannerEl Tunco
El Tunco
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerIglesia El Rosario
Iglesia El Rosario
Stephen Bugno | Trip by SkyscannerCatedral Metropolitana De San Salvador
Catedral Metropolitana De San Salvador
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerMuseo de Arte de El Salvador
Museo de Arte de El Salvador
D-Stanley | FlickrRuta de las Flores
Ruta de las Flores
Andrea Vanessa | Trip by SkyscannerJoya de Ceren
Joya de Ceren
ebdohle | FlickrVolcan San Salvador
Volcan San Salvador
Maura S | Trip by SkyscannerLa playa
La playa
Kevin Picholo | Trip by SkyscannerPalacio Nacional
Palacio Nacional

Reviews of San Salvador

Nia Tovar
Nia Tovar

It's such a beautiful country, the people, the food. EVERYTHING is just awesome.

Erick G
Erick G

Had a great time with friends went to a lago coatepeque in Santa Ana got to rent a jet skis and explore the beautiful lake it was awesome, there’s also delicious food national beer “Pilsener” perfect for the hot weather, went to El Tunco beach and enjoy night life with different types of clubs and music there it was perfect and much much more you must visit and stay safe also people is really kind and humble.

Soe Gu
Soe Gu

El Salvador is a hidden gem too hard to pass by. The country itself is full of beautiful beaches, amazing hiking spots like El Boqueron, and the food is unforgettable (Love their sea food, pupusas and shaved ice!!)! The people are very kind, always willing to help you. I loved my time here so much.

Liza Prado
Liza PradoDenver

I love San Salvador. It's not necessarily the prettiest city, but it's got a intellectual bohemian vibe that's hard to find anywhere else. There are fantastic museums, a great bar and music scene, film houses and artsy coffee shops, and just an all-around interesting and interested population. This is a definite go-to stop in Central America.

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