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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo is like that friend who has managed to overcome the most screwed up of childhoods to become a wonderful, thoughtful, sensible adult with their stuff miraculously together. At once a beacon of tolerance and a symbol of the senselessness of war, Sarajevo today is a glowing, gorgeous city that …

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Things to see and do in Sarajevo

Stephen Harris | Trip by SkyscannerSarajevo Tunnel Museum
Sarajevo Tunnel Museum
Marcelo Borrego | Trip by SkyscannerSarajevo Brewery
Sarajevo Brewery
Marcelo Borrego | Trip by SkyscannerSebilj
Marcelo Borrego | Trip by SkyscannerYellow Bastion
Yellow Bastion
Anosmia | FlickrBaščaršija
Alex_Ross_Shaw | FlickrGallery 11/07/95
Gallery 11/07/95
Marcelo Borrego | Trip by SkyscannerPeatonal Ferhadija
Peatonal Ferhadija
Marcelo Borrego | Trip by SkyscannerLatin Bridge
Latin Bridge
Marcelo Borrego | Trip by SkyscannerBazar Gazi Husrev-begov Bezistan
Bazar Gazi Husrev-begov Bezistan

Reviews of Sarajevo

Nezir  Kasumagic
Nezir Kasumagic

Cable car to the top of the local mountain was the highlight of the trip. As well as the amazing food everywhere you go.

Stephen Bugno
Stephen BugnoAnchorage

An absolutely fascinating city with warm people and interesting sights. Sarajevo has recovered remarkably since being the site of a war in the 90s.

Marta Martu
Marta Martu

Melting pot of culture, music, food, history, nature Sarajevo is a magical city


The most beautiful and charming city. Visited on a tour of the Balkans and no idea what to expect but blown away by the beauty of the city and setting, and the incredible history and resilience of the people. The history, from the ottoman era onwards, is fascinating and clearly evident as you walk through the centre. Most notable and touching is the ongoing recovery from the war and siege of the nineties. Took a wonderful tour with a woman who lived through that time to see the Yellow Fort, tunnel museum and Jewish cemetery; cannot recommend highly enough. Several museums sensitively exploring the Yugoslav war and it’s impact; the photographic exhibition on Srebrenica and the War Childhood both heartbreaking but important. Everyone should visit Sarajevo.

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